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On the 16th and 17th of August PSC branches around the country organised events in response to the Gaza crisis. From marches through town centres, to stalls and events to raise money, to dignified and silent vigils for those killed and wounded, throughout the UK ordinary people made the call for peace and an end to oppression and occupation.

Below are pictures of just some of the many events which took place. If you would be interested in finding out more about your local branch, or running an event yourself, please get in touch.


In South Wales PSC members unfurled their banner with a clear message from their community



As well as a march and petition stall, Cardiff PSC have been raising money to send much needed medical aid to Gaza.


PSC members made the case on the streets for peace and an end to conflict in Gaza.



A vigil was held at Enfield memorial. Representatives of both Labour and the Green Party were in attendance, as well as local residents.

Vigil 003


Members and local people met at the church before proceeding through the town


Lambeth & Wandsworth

One of our South London branches had their event picked up by the local paper.



In a deeply poignant protest, a scroll was unfurled upon which were written the names of all the people who have been killed in Gaza.

Naming Gaza Dead Lanc1Gaza demo Lanc3Naming Gaza Dead Lanc2


As well as a fantastic rally and march, Liverpool branch staged a ‘die in’ protest to bring home to people the casualties of the conflict.



Milton Keynes

A letter was handed in to the MP’s office, as well as having a forum for discussion around Gaza.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


In Redbridge, members of the local community met with Conservative MP Lee Scott to challenge him to speak out on the plight of the Palestinian people.


St Albans

PSC went along to the Peace Pole by St Albans Cathedral in the afternoon, and spent time there writing out a list of child Gaza casualties – their names and their ages.

Gaza names at the Peace Pole St Albans


People from across West Surrey gathered in Woking for a peaceful demonstration in the town centre.

PSC Woking 16aug14PSC Woking 16aug14-004PSC Woking 16aug14-005