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This is a statement in response to a story published by the Evening Standard on 8th May 2019 which accuses PSC of anti-semitism. 

“Unequivocal opposition to antisemitism and racism of any kind underpins all of Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s work. As an organisation we are very clear that antisemitism has no place anywhere in the campaign for Palestinian human rights. We also oppose any attempts to conflate antisemitism with severe criticism or condemnation of the laws and policies of Israeli governments or the constitutional order of the state of Israel.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign takes accusations of antisemitism very seriously and has procedures in place to address such allegations when they are brought to the organisation’s attention, including the implementation of disciplinary sanctions.

We strive to ensure that all of our communications, both local and national, embody our values of anti-racism and anti-discrimination, and this is reflected in our guidance and training for members and branches.”