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PSC social networking training with Hackney branch Members of Hackney PSC  felt that they had really learned something useful when they attended a training in using computer Social Networking for the purposes of campaigning.

Our trainers were Natasha Lewis, from London BDS group, and John Snowdon, of Newcastle PSC.  John  had travelled all the way from Newcastle, though  he had been busy with many activities whilst in the South, including attending the PSC  AGM and taking up his new post on the Executive.   The training was held on a Friday afternoon in the crypt vaults of St Johns church in East London.  I’m afraid the photo  doesn’t do justice  to their strange charm (I refer to the building, not the trainers!)

Probably because of its location,  the training was attended by several  members of Hackney branch of the PSC.    This gave us the happy opportunity to get the guidance of these two experts on how to set up  branch Facebook and Twitter accounts. (Watch the appropriate spaces!)  We asked a hundred questions and our patient trainers gave us two hundred answers, telling us the things we didn’t know we needed to know!!  They warned us of potential pitfalls, and offered follow up support if required.

This training is vital for bringing the digitally challenged  (or just plain Luddite!) supporters of Palestine up to date, with the advantages it brings in terms of getting our message across to a much broader spectrum of people – informing them about what is really going on in Israel/Palestine and what activities they can get involved in to do something about it.

If you can get together a group of interested people in your area, contact [email protected] to arrange your own training.  Fees are low – just enough to cover travel and expenses.

Teresa Webb, Hackney PSC