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PSC has repeatedly stated our firm belief that international law is the framework within which we must judge any use of force. International law makes clear that an occupied people have the right to resist, including through the use of armed resistance. It also makes clear the illegality of the use of force against non combatants.

All events supported by any of our nearly 100 affiliated local branches must respect these principles. An event was scheduled to take place later this week, originally with the sponsorship of a local branch in the West Midlands where the framing of the event did not clearly fall within the framework of the principles outlined above. On that basis the branch has agreed to withdraw its sponsorship of the event.

The priority of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is to work tirelessly for an immediate ceasefire, in order to stop what the ICJ has accepted as a plausible case of genocide. We will not allow those who oppose peace and justice for the Palestinian people to divert us away from this urgent priority.