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  1. James Morris: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with his Egyptian counterparts on the closure of the Rafah crossing? Read more>
  1. Liam Byrne: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of the effect of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism on the humanitarian situation in Gaza? Read more>
  1. Guto Bebb: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with his Turkish counterpart regarding the reported relocation of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to Turkey; and what steps is he taking to ensure that terrorist groups are not aided by a NATO member country? Read more>

Nos 1-3 Commons Written Answers

  1. Baroness Tonge: What are the consequences for the United Kingdom, as a signatory to the Geneva Convention, if Israel ignores its provisions? Read more>
  1. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to the government of Israel concerning the reported recent practice of Israeli fighter jets performing mock air raids over Gaza? Read more>
  1. Baroness Tonge: What support do HMG plan to offer to the United Nations Deputy Special Co-ordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, James Rawley, who has called on the government of Israel to end house demolitions immediately? Read more>
  1. Baroness Tonge: In the light of the reported death of a four month old infant from exposure in Gaza, what action are HMG taking to ensure that reconstruction is allowed to take place in Gaza? Read more>
  1. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have been held with allies concerning the evacuation of young children, babies and mothers from Gaza until adequate shelter, medicine and food is provided? Read more>
  1. Baroness Tonge: What assessment have HMG made of the likely mortality rate in Gaza over the winter months from lack of shelter, food, medicine and electricity; and do they have any plans for a minister to make a visit there to assess the level of humanitarian suffering? Read more>

Nos 4-9 Lords Written Answers