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Gaza – one year on
Gaza vigil – Friday 10th July, 2015, Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Richmond Terrace (opposite Downing Street), Whitehall, London
In July 2014, Israeli land, sea and air forces began a sustained and devastating assault on Gaza, terrorising the Palestinian population of 1.8 million for 51 days until, eventually, more than 2,000 Palestinians had been killed and much of Gaza reduced to rubble. The latest report from the UN reveals the scale of human rights atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza.
The horror of those days must never be forgotten. Entire families were wiped out, and more than 500 children and babies were killed, at an average of ten a day, not including those still unborn in their mothers’ wombs.
In the 11 months since a ceasefire agreement was signed between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel has continued to attack Gaza and refuses to allow in the building materials needed to reconstruct its infrastructure, including the tens of thousands of homes which were destroyed. Palestinian families continue to live among the rubble of their houses, without electricity or running water. Aid agencies report that malnutrition is spreading.
Amena Saleem’s latest report for PSC, a critique of the BBC 4’s ‘Business behind the Blockade’ reveals the cynical misrepresentation of the facts of Palestinians’ plight by much of mainstream media.
On Friday 10th July, 2015, we invite you to join in a vigil to remember the Palestinians killed in Israel’s massacre last summer.
Please bring flowers to remember the dead.
Thank you for supporting the lobby of Parliament
Thank you to all our members and supporters who supported our fantastic lobby day in Parliament for Palestine. Over two thousand of you asked your MP to support the Lobby. Many other MPs met with representatives from Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Palestinian Mission and other organisations.
In the evening those attending the lobbying heard from MP after MP, calling for justice for Palestine. MPs included: Sir Alan Duncan MP, new Labour MP Cat Smith, two new MPs who’ve worked as doctors in Gaza – Conservative Dr Tania Mathias MP and SNP MP Dr Philippa Whitford.
We will be updating you with statistics about the day later. For the latest report visit our website.
Jo Cox with constituent
New MP, Jo Cox (centre left), with her constituent (right), Chair of PSC, Hugh Lanning (left) and PSC’s Director, Sarah Colborne (centre right)
The lobby was only possible thanks to donations from people like you. Over the last couple of months you have donated an amazing £9,000 to support our work in parliament.
But don’t stop now! We still need your donations – we are so close to reaching our £10,000 target. If you are able to donate, please dig deep. The lobby is just one event in our campaign to make parliament take action for Palestine. The more money we raise, the more work we can do, and so the louder we can make shout for Palestinian rights at the heart of government.
Thank you for donating whatever you can.
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Parliamentary giants
From right to left: Sir Alan Duncan MP, Richard Burden MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Hugh Lanning
Actors, directors and writers demand immediate sanctions on Israel
Sanctions on Israel
Haya Al Farra, Hugh Lanning, Sarah Colborne and Richard Burden MP at the handing in of the petition calling for sanctions on Israel.
On the day of the Lobby of Parliament actors, authors, academics and architects called on the government to push for immediate sanctions on Israel until it abides by international law and ends its occupation of Palestinian land.
The film directors, Ken Loach and Peter Kosminsky, actors Maxine Peake, Samuel West and Miriam Margolyes, musician Brian Eno, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and the writers and academics, Tariq Ali and Karma Nabulsi, are among those* who have put their name to the call.
They joined other big names from the world of film and rock music, as well as 20,000 members of the public, who signed a petition calling for sanctions against Israel organised by PSC.
UNISON launch divestment pack
On Wednesday UNISON launched its pension fund divestment campaign pack at the crowded PSC fringe meeting. Speakers at the meeting chaired by Laura McGee from Thompsons Solicitors included Sarah Colborne director of PSC; Jean Butcher chair of UNISON’s International Committee and Ala Khatib Palestine citizen of Israel and Director of Kav LaOved.
UNISON conference
The launch of UNISON’s divestment pack
Nick Crook, Head of UNISON’s International department presented the divestment campaign pack on behalf of the union. The pack, produced in conjunction with Palestine Solidarity Campaign is now available online http://www.unison.org.uk/news/palestine-is-your-pension-fund-investing-in-the-occupation
News and events
Palestinian prisoner, Kkader Adnan | Addameer
Kkader Adnan is now 50 days into his hunger strike against his political persecution by Israel. His health is fast deteriorating.
Sanctions on Israel | PNN
Coverage of our petition handed in this week calling on sanctions on Israel
Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore: I cancelled Israel gig in support of BDS | Middle East Monitor
Palestine submits ICC complaint | The Guardian
Palestinian officials have submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court setting out some of the war crimes committed by Israel in relation to Israel’s settlements, Palestinian prisoners and Israel’s attacks on Gaza last summer.
Saturday 27 June – Join the No to Pinkwashing – London
Sunday 28 June – Film: ‘Where Should The Birds Fly” with PCT –
Monday 29 June – The Human Rights Situation in East Jerusalem –
House of Commons, London
Wednesday 1 July – Merton PSC meeting: The Struggle for Jordan Valley – London
The conference for trade unionists scheduled for Saturday 4 July has now been postponed – a new date will be announced shortly.
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