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ICC says Israel committed war crimes on Mavi Marmara – so why won’t it prosecute?
The International Criminal Court has said it will not prosecute Israel for its lethal assault on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza, despite concluding it believes that war crimes were committed. This decision has been called into question by the Counsel for the Government of the Comoros, which brought the case before the ICC, and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).
The Counsel for the Government of Comoros, said: ‘The Prosecutor’s decision marks the first time a State referral by an ICC States Party has ever been rejected by the Office of the Prosecutor without even initiating an investigation.
Sarah Colborne, Director of PSC, who was on board the lead vessel, the Mavi Marmara, when it was attacked said: ‘The ICC says it cannot prosecute war crimes unless they are being committed on a large scale. Israel’s war crimes, especially in Gaza this summer when more than 2,000 Palestinians were killed, are on a sufficiently large scale to be investigated.
‘We agree that Israel seems to enjoy a special status. Israel must not be allowed to commit war crimes with impunity. It must be brought to justice and face the consequences for its actions. This is the only way to stop it from committing further war crimes against the Palestinian people and those who support them.’
Tell the media to report the truth about Jerusalem
East Jerusalem is in the news, but the reports on the violence in the city are missing facts, background and context.
News audiences are being kept in the dark about the daily brutality and illegality of Israel’s occupation, Israeli policies aimed at cleansing the city of Palestinians, and the frequency with which Israeli settlers and soldiers attack and invade the Al Aqsa compound.Our report, What the media won’t tell you about East Jerusalem, gives the grim facts on how Israel attempts to repress, control, intimidate and, ultimately, expel East Jerusalem Palestinians.
Please read the report and write to the media to highlight what is being left out of their reporting.
Letters for publication can be sent to:
The Guardian: [email protected]
The Observer: [email protected]
The Independent: [email protected]
The Daily Telegraph: [email protected]
Sunday Telegraph: [email protected]
Daily Mail: [email protected]
Please include your name, postal address and telephone number when writing to any of the above
To comment or complain about BBC coverage, please fill in the BBC’s website form at www.bbc.co.uk/complaints
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Amazing comedy night for Palestine
On Tuesday 4 November Alexei Sayle compered a fantastic night at the Red Gallery in the second of PSC’s Stand Up For Palestine fundraiser series. Jeremy Hardy headlined accompanied by award winning Tom Allen and newcomers Nish Kumar and Daphna Baram. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped us raise over £5000. It is through your support that we are the UK’s fastest growing campaign for Palestinian human rights and justice. We hope you enjoyed the evening, watch this space for the next one planned for February 2015….stand up in solidarity!
Jeremy Hardy
Jeremy Hardy (credit: Neil Kirtlan)
PSC co-hosts Jewish Voice for Peace meeting
Rebecca Vilkomerson (credit: Stephen Sizer)
This week at King’s College, London, PSC co-hosted Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of US-based organisation, Jewish Voice for Peace. Vilkomerson told a packed audience that the Israeli government’s claims to be acting for and speaking on behalf of Jewish people worldwide was simply not true. She said that support for JVP in the US had increased hugely during the summer, and the group had tripled its number of branches countrywide in that period.
Watch the video> (start 12 minutes in due to sound distortion in the first part)


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