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Sign our pledge not to buy Hewlett Packard

Join PSC today and help build the solidarity campaign with Palestinians
Over 7,000 people have already signed PSC’s pledge not to buy from Hewlett Packard (HP) – best known for its computers and printers. We are asking people not to buy from HP because it is complicit in Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian land and grave breaches of international law. HP provides Israel with specialised technologies which are integral to Israel’s system of oppression of the Palestinian people. HP profits from the illegal Israeli occupation by providing:
  • Key IT systems used by the Israeli navy to enforce the deadly blockade and destruction of Gaza
  • Technologies used by the Israeli army to stop the free movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank, and to maintain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, such as the BASEL system
  • Services and technologies to major Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Ariel and Mod’in Illit
Make a new year’s pledge not to buy HP! If you haven’t yet,sign the pledge now. If you have then please ask friends and family to sign.
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BBC uncovered
Please donate to support our scrutiny of the BBC and other campaigning Donate now
In a new series, PSC will be analysing BBC Online articles to pinpoint exactly how they misinform and hide the truth about Israel’s occupation.
By carefully deconstructing each article, we’ll show how the BBC ignores international law to produce reports which sanitise and whitewash Israel’s criminal actions, as well as articles that are blatantly pro-Israel.
Among the responses that PSC has received from the BBC is this: “It is fair to say that the question of whether Gaza is currently occupied is the matter of some debate.” More responses which reveal how the BBC views the occupation and siege of Gaza are highlighted in this article by PSC’s Amena Saleem.
Palestine applies for ICC membership
Jordan put forward a motion to the UN Security Council resolution seeking Israeli withdrawal from the occupied West Bank, but this failed to gain the necessary 9 votes (after pressure from the USA). Now President Abbas, with the support of all major political groups in the West Bank and Gaza, has applied for membership for the ICC . Ban Ki Moon has said that this will come into effect on 1st April.
Israel has responded by using measures – such as illegally withholding Palestinian tax money – to punish Palestinians for seeking accountability.
Join the PSC staff team!
Palestine Solidarity Campaign is now recruiting for a Campaign Development Manager. We are looking for a dynamic person with relevant experience, committed to the aims and objectives of PSC. This new post offers a great opportunity to join a fast growing, dedicated team achieving significant change, with huge opportunities for development.
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Hold the date! PSC activist conference
Saturday 14th March 2015, central London venue

Join Palestinian lawyer, Diana Buttu and Palestinian academic, Karma Nabulsi, on Saturday 14th March when PSC will welcome activists to an interactive conference. Together we will explore how best to support Palestinian human rights.
More information soon.
Families of the Nakba photo book launch
Wednesday 14 January from 7pm
Venue Change: now in foyer of the Khalili Lecture Theatre on the Lower Ground Floor of the Main Building
Neil Kirtlan, PSC’s book-keeper, has produced a photobook, Families of the Nakba, in the form of an album of Palestinian refugee families living in Beirut. In each family, the oldest member can recall being forced to leave Palestine in 1948 and is photographed with their extended family. Prof Manuel Hassassian, who wrote the foreword to the book, will be attending. All members and supporters are welcome
The book launch taking place on Wednesday 14 January 2015 from 7.00 pm is still at SOAS but will now be in the foyer of the Khalili Lecture Theatre on the Lower Ground Floor of the Main Building.Full information can be found here
News and events
The death toll from Israel’s summer assault on the Gaza Strip is significantly higher than previously reported, with new figures including a large number of Palestinians whose bodies were found in the rubble, as well as dozens who subsequently died of their wounds. Read more>
In December, PSC helped facilitate a Skype conversation between students in Gaza and students in Washington DC. The US school approached PSC after reading about our project connecting UK and Gaza students, which has been running for two years. Read more>
Trade union solidarity with Palestine: Steve Bell, head of policy at the Communications Workers Union (CWU), and PSC’s Trade Union Officer, examines the seismic shift in solidarity inside the British trade union movement
Sunday 11 January – Palestine: A Year in the West Bank
Highbury Church Hall, Oxford Street, Cheltenham
Read More
Wednesday 14 January – Book Launch: ‘Families of Nakba’
Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, London
Read More
Friday 16 January – The Colour of Olives
Friends’ Meeting House, 8b Summerfield Road, Wolverhampton
Read More
Saturday 17 January – Lambeth & Wandsworth PSC Campaign Stall
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