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Tipping Point – join us at our action summit
Saturday 14th March, 10-4pm, SOAS, London
There is going to be quite a crowd at PSC’s action summit! Held by the PSC and SOAS Palestine Society. Ahead of the 2015 General Election and with the PSC’s ongoing #VotePalestine campaign, this summit is intended as a day to explore and examine different methods to push justice for Palestine and share and intensify the message of freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians. Empower yourself for Palestine!>
We will explore these themes with workshops on:
  • Building powerful BDS campaigns
  • Challenging media bias
  • How to achieve policy change
  • Tackling the arms trade
Speakers and facilitators include: Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement, Owen Jones, author, activist and journalist at The Guardian , Karma Nabulsi, Palestinian academic, Mezna Qato, Palestinian academic Hugh Lanning, PSC Chair and Sarah Colborne, PSC Director.
This is our opportunity to escalate our campaign and use this tipping point in Palestine activism to make a difference for Palestine.
Read more and book tickets:
Take action against settlements
Dates packed in an illegal Israeli settlement
Israel’s illegal settlement construction reached a 10 year record high in 2014, displaying once again the Israeli regime’s disregard for Palestinian human rights and international calls for a freeze on settlement activity .
The settler population is subsidised by the Israeli Government, protected by Israeli Forces and their own special police force, and often heavily armed themselves. They are allowed to commandeer natural resources, such as water. Settlements are a source of much suffering to the vulnerable Palestinian communities which surround them.
Successive UK governments have condemned settlement expansion and termed the settlements illegal, in line with international law. By continuing to allow trade with Israel’s settlements and by selling settlements goods, we are allowing UK businesses to profit from direct violations of Palestinians basic rights.
What you can do!
Write to all your Parliamentary candidates here! Demonstrate to them that inaction in the face of continued violations of Palestinians’ rights is not acceptable. Over 23,000 emails have already been sent to candidates – join them, and help make the voice for peace and justice impossible to ignore!
Sign the Hewlett Packard letter
The Hewlett Packard AGM will be hold on 18th March. Make sure you sign our open letter for the Chief Executive before the 15th March deadline!
Hewlett Packard supplies the technology behind Israel’s war crimes and apartheid against the Palestinians. The corporation provides IT infrastructure to the Israeli navy and facial recognition scanners for Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank.
Join the voices calling on HP to end its complicity with Israel’s lethal occupation of Palestinian land. Sign PSC’s letter to the people at the top of HP – Meg Whitman, President and CEO of HP in the US, and Andy Isherwood, Managing Director of HP in the UK and Ireland.
A taste of Apartheid, courtesy of Waitrose
Hundreds of you have deluged Waitrose with complaints about its ‘Taste of Israel’ advertising supplement which was included in February’s edition of the supermarket’s in-house magazine, ‘Waitrose Kitchen’. The supplement was produced by the Israel Government Tourist Office, and feature articles claiming Palestinian food to be Israeli, while referring to the Golan Heights and Jerusalem as being in Israel.
This week, PSC has made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the supplement on the basis that its factual errors amount to false advertising.
Take action
Complain to Waitrose CEO Mark Price:[email protected]
Complain to Andrew Hirsch CEO of John Brown Media (which produced the supplement for Waitrose):[email protected]
Taste of Israel
ASA ruling
In a separate case, the ASA this week issued another ruling against the Israel Government Tourist Office, this time for producing an advert which showed a photo of Jerusalem’s old city, including the Al Aqsa Mosque, with the caption ‘Israel has it all’. Read PSC’s press release>
Read the Daily Mail coverage>
News and events
Help save Umm El Hiran
Please join the chorus of support by asking our Foreign Secretary to intervene to help stop this village being destroyed to make way for an Israeli Jewish settlement on exactly the same site.
Artists for Palestine UK
More than 1,000 artists support cultural boycott of Israel>.The campaign have issued a new booklet which is available to read (but not to download, which we incorrectly said earlier)>
The lie at the heart of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress | +972
New Motions in Parliament
The first motion calls on Israel to stop preventing Palestine from accessing its natural resources>
The second motion asks for access for Parliamentarians to visit Gaza. Read more>
Thursday 5 March: Open Bethlehem – screening plus Q&A with film director Leila Sansour
ICA, The Mall, London SW1 Read More
Saturday 7 March – Arab Women Artists Now (AWAN) Festival- Feat. Reem Kelani Live Performance
Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London Read More
Saturday 7 March – Free Palestine Day
Exeter University, Institue of Arab and Islamic Studies, Stocker Road, Exeter
Read More
Friday 13 March – Palestine is still the issue….Rivercourt Methodist Church, King Street, Hammersmith, London
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