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PSC demands answers from BBC Director General
PSC is undertaking important work tackling the institutional pro-Israel bias at the BBC. But we need your support to continue.
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PSC and five other organisations have written to the Director General of the BBC to ask if political pressure was responsible for the dropping of the documentary, Jerusalem: An Archaeological Mystery Story.The film casts doubts on the notion of a mass Jewish exodus from Jerusalem nearly two thousand years ago, on which the Zionist ‘right of return’ to Palestine is based.Itwas due to be shown on BBC Four.
Read the letter and PSC’s press release.
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G4S AGM dominated by Israeli prison controversy
photocredit: AimeeValinski
On Thursday 6th June ‘Stop G4S’, a coalition of PSC and other human rights organisations, protested against G4S’ involvement in human rights violations both inside and outside the company’s AGM.
Inside the AGM meeting protestors unfurled a banner saying ‘Stop G4S’. Of the 16 questions put to the board, seven were from Palestine activists demanding to know when G4S will end its contracts with Israeli prisons, where Palestinian children, women and men are held, often without trial, and routinely tortured.
Hugh Lanning, chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said the company has learned from their AGM that “there’s a price to be paid for profiting from Israel’s crimes.”
One year on – what action?
On June 26th 2012 an independent legal report, funded by the Foreign Office, examined the treatment of Palestinian child prisoners by the Israeli authorities.
The report found Israel in breach of international law & human rights treaties. It made 40 recommendations.
So one year on since the report was published …. has the situation actually improved for Palestinian children?

The panel:

Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Minister for Children
Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC
Jude Lanchin – lawyer from the CIMC delegation
and Kiri Tunks – convenor of Action for Palestinian Children and PSC executive member

The meeting will be held on Monday 17th June 6.30pm in the House of Commons (committee room 8). Sign-up on facebook>

child prisoners
Ask your MP to act for Palestinian children and encourage them to attend
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Saturday 15 June – Weekly Protest Against Sodastream in Brighton
16 to 23 June – Lajee’s Arts & Cultural Advocacy Tour in Scotland
Monday 17 June – One year on: Children in Military Custody report
London Read More
Monday 17 June – Racism and politics in sport: What about the Palestinians?

Special event with Mahmoud Sarsak
SOAS University, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, WC1H 0XG, London Read More

Tuesday 18 June -Film: The People and the Olive Bristol Read More
Tuesday 18 June – Water Apartheid in Palestine Wimbledon, London Read More
Thursday 20 June – An Evening With Palestinian Footballer Mahmoud Sarsak Richmond Read More
Friday 21 June – Falafel and quiz benefit Sheffield Read More
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