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G4S was left reeling yesterday, with its AGM dominated by protesters inside and outside, echoing the call from Desmond Tutu, MPs, and many others for G4S to end its contracts with Israeli prisons.
At the AGM, G4S announced its intention not to renew its framework contract with the Israeli Prison Service – indicating the significant impact of the campaign against G4S. G4S has suffered intense reputational damage, and it will continue to be targeted until it ends its complicity with Israeli crimes.
Pressure was increased by the more than 3,000 of you who made your views known by signing PSC’s petition, calling on G4S to end its complicity with the Israeli occupation. Inside the AGM, G4S’ Chair, John Connolly, was presented the petition by Hugh Lanning PSC’s Chair.
The G4S board was deluged by questions on G4S and Israel. The board looked chirpy and confident at the start of the meeting, but looked very uncomfortable as the shareholder questions session went on.
PSC’s Hugh Lanning and other members joined with other campaigners in interrogating the G4S board on the company’s contracts with the Israeli Prison Service and its involvement in West Bank checkpoints.
Speaking after the meeting, Hugh said: “G4S will remain a global target for PSC and the solidarity movement until it ends its complicity with breaches of international law.
“Today we have presented to John Connolly a petition of thousands of signatures. This is not a campaign of a few protestors, but of global public opinion. It will not end until G4S changes its attitude
Hugh and Amena
PSC Chair, Hugh Lanning, and PSC’s Amena Saleem with your petition calling on G4S to end its complicity with Israel’s human rights violations
Randa Wahbe, Advocacy Officer with the Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, said:
G4S is certainly feeling the pressure and reputational damage caused by the international campaign against its complicity in Israel’s military occupation.
The latest reports that G4S will not renew its contract with the Israeli Prison Service is a welcome step, but this has no immediate effect on those facing human rights violations inside Israel’s prisons today.
G4S has a long track record of saying one thing but doing another and has not made any formal written statements about when it intends to end its contracts with the Israeli prison service and other aspects of Israel’s apartheid regime.
The campaign against G4S will continue until it actually ends all contracts that support Israel’s military occupation.”
PSC issued media releases before and after the AGM took place.
Please see Saturday’s Morning Star where they will publish the full story on how the G4S AGM was dominated by the issue of Palestinian prisoners and the Israeli occupation:
Guardian: Archbishop Tutu and 14 British MPscall on G4S to end its complicity
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PSC organised a letter to the Guardian which had signatories from 14 MPs, PSC patrons and PSC Chair, Hugh Lanning.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, author Alice Walker, 14 British MPs and PSC’s Hugh Lanning were among the signatories to two letters in yesterday’s Guardian calling on G4S to end its complicity in Israel’s occupation. Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Chair, Hugh Lanning, is also a signatory.
There was significant broadsheet coverage of the protests against G4S complicity in Israel’s human rights violations.
Read coverage of the G4S protest:
Take action: ask your MP to sign up tosupport Palestinian Children
Israeli forces continue to use excessive force including live ammunition and rubber coated metal bullets on unarmed protestors, including children. Did you know that 1,400 children have been killed in this way since 2000?
MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have put down a powerful Parliament motion (EDM 49) calling for the Government to press the Israeli government to respect the right to peaceful protest and prioritise the safety of all children who come under such attack on a routine basis.

Write to your MP today and make sure they are aware of all the facts, and how much this issue matters to you, their constituent.
Israels impunity
Nadeem Siam Nawara was killed by unlawful Israeli fire. See the disturbing video of the unlawful killing of two Palestinian boys>
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