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1.  Iraq War (10th Anniversary):

–   Jeremy Corbyn: Recalls the Palestinian refugees who from the Gulf States went to Iraq only to be expelled after the invasion, as well as those who ended up in Syrian refugee camps, having been driven out of Haifa in 1948; they now joined the stream of refugees out of Syria.

–  Michael Meacher: After the Iraq invasion we saw the biggest refugee crisis in the ME “since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948.”

–  Paul Flynn: Before the invasion he wrote to Tony Blair: “Attacking a Muslim state without achieving a fair settlement of the Palestine-Israeli situation is an affront to Muslims, from our local mosques to the far-flung corners of the world.”

Hansard video: from 12.11 pm onwards

Commons Backbench Business debate

2. FCO Statement on Conflict Resources for Financial Years 2013/14 and 2014/15: FCO will continue its commitments in the OPTs.

Commons Written Statements

WEDNESDAY  12  JUNE  2013 – DfID Questions

1. Philip Hollobone: Having recently seen in Lebanon the miserable conditions of Palestinian refugees who had fled from Syria, he asks if DfID Secretary is satisfied that UNWRA is doing all it can to help them.

2. David Ward: What research has DfID undertaken into humanitarian effects of the occupation of the West Bank?

3. David Ward: Is DfID Minister aware that according to UN figures there was a 30% rise in April in number of Palestinians displaced by house demolitions, and that international aid paid for some of the structures Israel knocked down?

Nos 2-3

4. Jim McGovern: Asks what HMG can do to help those Palestinians who are suffering the kind of pain witnessed on a recent visit to Palestine by a member of his staff [on a Labour2Palestine visit] who “was shocked and stunned to see how Palestinians are treated by the Israelis, for example having no water for weeks on end.”

5. Michael McCann: Will DfID Minister explain and justify how British taxpayers’ money can be spent on paying convicted Palestinian  criminals and their families?

Nos 4-5

Nos 1-5 above: Commons Oral Answers

6. Richard Burden: Will Foreign Secretary take steps to discourage private sector organisations from trading with and investing in Israeli settlements?

7. Richard Burden: Will Foreign Secretary provide UK businesses operating in Israeli settlements with guidelines for responsible business conduct in accordance with human rights?

8. Rob Wilson: What assessment has DfID made of the humanitarian situation in Gaza?

9. Philip Hollobone: What assessment has DfID Secretary made of UNWRA’s effectiveness in directing aid to Palestinian refugees who have fled Syria for Lebanon?

Nos 6-9 Commons Written Answers

TUESDAY  11  JUNE  2013

1. Jim Cunningham: What representations has Foreign Secretary received regarding access for tourists to the West Bank?

2. Jim Cunningham: Will the Foreign Secretary raise with his Israeli counterpart the importance of allowing tourism to Palestinian-controlled areas as a valuable source for economic growth in the area?

Nos 1-2

3. Andrew Smith: What recent assessment has DfID made of the risks and benefits of funding projects in Area C and what recent discussions has it had with (a)other Government Departments, (b) international development ministers of other EU member states and (c)the European Commission on funding of development infrastructure in those parts of Area C covered by Palestinian master plans?

4. Jim Sheridan: What assessment has DfID Secretary made of the work conducted by UNWRA in supporting(a) Palestinian refugees who have not been displaced as a result of the conflict in Syria and (b) newly-displaced Palestinian refugees from Syria?

Nos 1-4 above: Commons Written Answers

5. Sir Tony Baldry (in First World War Commemoration debate in Westminster Hall) “Men of Deddington

died in Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Sicily, Syria and Turkey, where their graves and official memorials can be found.” (NB: their memorials may be in Israel but they can’t have died in Israel, which didn’t exist in WW1)

6. Baroness Tonge: (in International Development Budget debate) “First, we must stop thinking that the United Kingdom should intervene in every conflict and civil war around the globe. Secondly, we must stop just fighting terrorism and start addressing the causes of terrorism—noble Lords would expect me to mention the plight of the Palestinians.”

Secretary of State for the Deparment for International Development, Alan Duncan MP, faced tough questioning by Andrew Smith MP, Ann Main MP and Richard Burden who all focused on the problems of Palestinians facing ethnic cleansing.


1. Andrew Smith: Which projects does DfID fund in Area C and what support is it giving to Palestinians living there?

2. Andrew Smith: What assessment has DfID made of the relative poverty of Palestinians in Area C, Areas B and A, and East Jerusalem?

Nos 1-2 

3. Ann Main: Will Foreign Secretary direct British ambassador to make urgent representations to Israel regarding Prawer Plan?

4. Ann Main: What recent representations has Foreign Secretary made to Israel to make clear HMG’s concerns about forced evictions?
Nos 3-4

5. Richard Burden: What recent steps has Foreign Secretary taken to halt transfer of population and demolition of Palestinian housing and infrastructure by Israel?

6. Richard Burden: What reports has Foreign Secretary received on how many Palestinian homes are currently at risk of demolition in East Jerusalem, Areas A and B and Area C?

7. Richard Burden: Pursuant to the answer of 3 June 2013 on Occupied Territories, and with reference to the five IPCC master plans approved in December 2012, what is the period for public objection, and can objections be made by (a) settlement residents, (b) settlement businesses and (c) only those legally resident under international law?

8. Richard Burden: Pursuant to the answer of 21 May 2013 on Palestinians, what assessment has FCO made of the risk of HMG aiding and abetting breaches of international law by Israel in Area C through funding of master plans which amount to de facto recognition of the Wall and settlements?
Nos 5-8 

9. James Clappison: What discussions has Foreign Secretary had with Israel on payments made to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in last 12 months?

Nos 1-9 above Commons Written Answers

10. Baroness Afshar (in debate on religious minorities in Egypt): “Would it not be a good idea to demand of nations not to take their faith as a parameter of government? I speak about Iran as well as Israel and other countries.”