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MPs and Peers continue to step up the pressure on the Government against settlements, settlers’ behaviour and settlement trade

1. Bob Blackman:  What discussions has DfID had with Israel about social assistance payments to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails?
Commons Written Answers


1.  Richard Burden: What recent reports has Foreign Secretary received on progress in transferring planning control for the WB to the PA as agreed under the Oslo accords and what recent representations has he made to Israel on the transfer of planning control?


Commons Written Answers

2. Richard Burden: How many building projects in Area C have been funded by the UK or by any other EU member state?

Commons Written Answers

TUESDAY  4  JUNE  2013

1.  Foreign Secretary attended FAC on 27 May where the planned discussion on MEPP was postponed until June.

Commons Written Statement

2. Lord Hylton: Do HMG have access to reports of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron since 1997 and what assessment  have they made of whether Israel has adopted any of the recommendations?

Lords Written Answers

3. Lord Hylton: What representations have HMG made to Israel – especially about the implications for international law – following Israeli Supreme Court’s decision to allow Israeli companies to exploit WB stone quarries?

Lords Written Answers


MONDAY  3  JUNE  2013

1. Jeremy Corbyn: What sanctions have been taken by HMG and international partners against Israel and Palestinian parties in response to non-compliance with the Oslo Accords and the Road Map?

2. Jeremy Corbyn: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of sanctions available to HMG and international partners in response to failures by Israel and the Palestinians to meet their obligations under the Oslo Accords and the Road Map?

Nos 1-2

3. Richard Burden: What information does FCO hold on how many Palestinian master plans are pending agreement with Israel  in OPT areas A, B and C and what the average time is for approval of such plans; what assessment has Foreign Secretary made, based on the current rate of approvals, of when the whole of Area A, B and C will be covered by master plans?


4. Richard Burden: Which master plans has Israel approved for OPT in the last year; do such plans cover Areas A, B and C?


5. Richard Burden: How many new housing units have been announced and approved in settlements in E. Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian State since the FAC in May 2012; how many new housing units have been built; how many Palestinian homes and other buildings demolished; how many olive trees destroyed or vandalised and how many Palestinians forcibly transferred out of Area C?


6. Richard Burden: What reports has Foreign Secretary received on number of lawful and unlawful refusals of Palestinian requests for building permits and master plans in West Bank?


7. Jeremy Corbyn: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of the building rate in Israeli settlements in E. Jerusalem and the West Bank in each of the last five years?


8. Jeremy Corbyn: How many Palestinians in E. Jerusalem have been evicted by Israel, had their homes and buildings demolished and had their residency status changed since 14 May 2012?


9. Jeremy Corbyn: What reports has Foreign Secretary received on number of Palestinian homes in the OPTs at risk of demolition  in E. Jerusalem, Areas A and B, and Area C?


10. Jeremy Corbyn: How many Israeli outposts erected since March 2001 have been dismantled and how many new outposts have been built?

Nos 3-10


11. Jeremy Corbyn: How much finance has HMG provided to Israeli settlements directly and indirectly through procurement, tax benefits or participation in bilateral programmes since 2005?

12. Jeremy Corbyn:  How many Israelis have been refused UK visa applications in the last three years?

Nos 1-12 above: Commons Written Answers

13. Lordy Hylton: What representations have HMG made to Israel about reopening Shaheda Street in Hebron to all peaceful users?

14. Baroness Tonge: What assessment have HMG made of the legality of trading with settlements in the OPTs?

15. Baroness Tonge: What assessment have HMG made of the impact of Palestine’s membership and use of the ICC on any future Israeli aggression?

Nos 14-15

16. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel following reports that water supply of 10 villages north-west of Jerusalem was cut off on 1 April?

17. Lord Warner: Under the terms of the Immigration Rules, are Israeli citizens who have settled illegally in OPTs deemed to require different visa requirements for entry to the UK from those in place for other Israeli citizens?

Nos 13-17 above: Lords Written Answers