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FRIDAY   19  JULY  2013

1. Baroness Tonge: What is HMG’s assessment of the current situation with regard to medical supplies in Gazan hospitals?

2. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG held with Israel concerning the implications of Palestinian natural growth needs within East Jerusalem?

THURSDAY   18  JULY  2013

Summer Adjournment speeches:

– Sir Bob Russell: In a 7 minute speech condemns ethnic cleansing of Bedouin: “I will not be silenced on the issue. I am speaking here on behalf of the 600 or more people who have written to our Government, and I am speaking, I hope, with the blessing of all people of all faiths around the world who deplore what is being done……..The world did not like what went on in apartheid South Africa, but the world is silent about what is going on in Israel/ Palestine.”  The Foreign Secretary, when asked to condemn it, did not do so.

– Bob Stewart (intervening): “I want to place on record that I personally condemn what is happening to the Bedu. I used to live in the area. I think it is disgraceful that there are two kinds of people—Israelis and the others—on the west bank, and that the law is different for each of them. It is appalling.”

– Tom Brake: (answering for the Coalition) Recalls Sir Bob Russell’s EDM on the Prawer Plan (No. 306); “and he is not alone: I believe that 21 Members signed it……There is clearly an acknowledgement in this place, at least, that it is a significant issue……. I am sure the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will look very carefully at my hon. Friend’s strong words on this subject when Hansard is published.”

Hansard video : http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=13619  @ 5:28:00

Commons Debates




1. Mike Freer: Does DfID Secretary agree that it is impossible to track how all donor money to PA’s budget, including UK’s annual £30m, is actually spent?

Commons Oral Answers

2. Foreign Secretary to attend 22 July FAC in Brussels where ministers will consider how EU can support Secretary Kerry’s MEPP efforts.

3. On World Day of International Criminal Justice, Foreign Secretary announces launch of new strategy to support work of ICC.

Nos 2-3

Commons Written Statements

4. Patrick Mercer: What is HMG’s position on negotiating with Hamas?

5. Patrick Mercer: What assessment has Foreign Secretary made of trade between UK and Israel in the first quarter of 2013?

6. Patrick Mercer: What is Foreign Secretary’s policy on public campaigns for boycotting Israeli produce, universities and speakers?

Nos 5-6

7. Patrick Mercer: What is Foreign Secretary’s policy on a boycott of WB settlement goods? [Alistair Burt: i.a.: “We have received no representations from Palestinian workers in the West Bank either calling for, or opposing; a boycott of settlement produce.”]

8. Patrick Mercer: What is Foreign Secretary’s policy on campaigns for boycotting settlement produce and what representations has he received from WB Palestinian workers on their opposition to boycotts of settlement produce? Minister replies that he has received no representations of Palestinian workers.

Nos 7-8

TUESDAY   16    JULY   2013

1. Treasury Quarterly Report on Counter-Terrorist Asset Freezing Regime:  Lists include several Palestinian entities.

Commons Written Statements

2. Baroness Tonge: (in Oral Answers on Global Partnership for Aid Effectiveness) Have HMG made an assessment of the effectiveness of aid to the Palestinians and have they made any attempt to recoup the cost from Israel, responsible under Geneva conventions for the welfare of the people whose land they occupy?

Lords Oral Answers

MONDAY  15  JULY  2013

1. Michael Connarty: What assessment has DfID Secretary made of the humanitarian effects of the occupation of the West Bank of Palestine?