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1. Iran Nuclear Weapons Programme – Debate tabled by Philip Hollobone:

– Jeremy Corbyn: “Mr Hollobone and I had an interesting week in the delegation to Gaza, and he is well aware of Israel’s behaviour concerning the encirclement of Gaza and the treatment of the Palestinian people.”

– Philip Hollobone: “I enjoyed our joint visit to Gaza. He and I agree on many issues involving the Palestinian Authority and Israel. We can certainly agree that the situation must be resolved quickly, and that the current US-led negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians offer perhaps the best chance of resolving those issues since the state of Israel was founded.”

– James Clappison: “Does he not agree that Iran has shown ample evidence of its hostility towards a peaceful solution to the situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis?”


– Jim Cunningham: Says the situation between Israel and the Palestinians is linked to the Iran nuclear issue and suggests that the settlements Israel has been building “have thrown some difficulties in the way of the road map to peace”.

– Martin Horwood: “We are also seeing positive engagement by Palestine and Israel in peace talks, so that is another area where we can accentuate the positive.”


Westminster Hall Debates


2. Jack Lopresti: What information does FCO hold on how many Palestinians receiving UNWRA aid are surviving refugees from 1948?

3. Jack Lopresti: Does FCO consider Palestinians who were born and live in the West Bank and Gaza to be refugees?

Nos 2-3 http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm131112/text/131112w0001.htm#13111270000017

Commons Written Answers

4. Baroness Tonge: What recent representations have HMG made to Israel about the six-mile fishing limit for Gazan fishermen?


5. Lord Hylton: What discussions have HMG had, or plan to have, with Israel about UNICEF’s report Children in Israeli Military Detention, published in March; and what action will they be encouraging Israel to take in the light of that report’s conclusions?



6. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel about Palestinian access to gas and oil fields off the coast of Palestine?



7. Baroness Tonge: Are HMG giving any support to the PA in its recent request that countries impose tighter controls on companies doing business with Israeli settlements in the WB and East Jerusalem?


Nos 4-7 Lords Written Answers






1. Iran and Syria – Statement by Foreign Secretary:

– William Hague: MEPP remains central to international peace and security; “We are working with EU partners to provide practical support to both sides, including bilateral assistance to the institutions of a future Palestinian state.”


Commons Oral Answers

2. Iran and Syria – Statement by Baroness Warsi:

– Lord Anderson of Swansea: On Palestine-Israel Secretary Kerry warned of a possible future intifada. “Is it correct that because of the impasse, the Palestinians are now demanding that the Americans take the lead, put their own proposals on the table and press for them?”

– Baroness Warsi: We continue to support the initiative led by Secretary Kerry in any way we can and are asked to.

– Lord Desai: Could Geneva process be expanded to include the three inter-connected conflicts: the negotiations with Iran, the Syrian conflict and the Israel-Palestine negotiations?


Lords Oral Answers


3.Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG held with Israel concerning its recent decision to deny MEPs access to Gaza Strip? [Baroness Warsi: We were disappointed but this is a matter for the EU]



4. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel concerning detention of PLC members Nizar Ramadan and Muhammad Bader?


Nos 3-4 Lords Written Answers