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1. Andrew Selous: Calls for urgent debate on West Bank, with “olive groves being cut down and very badly polluted by sewage and industrial waste”.

2. Cathy Jamieson: What recent assessment has DfID Secretary made of the humanitarian situation in Gaza and will she make a statement?

3. Cathy Jamieson: Will DfID Secretary take steps to ensure that assistance is given to the people of Gaza who have been evacuated from their homes owing to flooding?

Nos 2-3

4. Katy Clark: What recent assessment has Foreign Secretary made of damage caused to Palestinian olive trees caused by Israeli settlers? [Hugh Robertson: “As of 9 December 2013 OCHA has recorded the damage or destruction of over 10,510 olive trees or saplings in the context of settler-related incidents.” (extract)]

5. Katy Clark: What is Foreign Secretary’s policy towards Palestinian membership of the International Olive Council?

6. Cathy Jamieson: What recent representations has Foreign Secretary made to Israel regarding the blockade of Gaza and will he make a statement?

Nos 5-6

NB: Commons and Lords are now in recess; they will resume on 6th and 7th January, respectively.


1. Andrew Smith: What recent representations has Foreign Secretary made to Israel on revoking Military Order 418 and returning planning powers on Area C to PA?

2. Andrew Smith: For what reasons did UK vote against Palestinian membership of Olive Council?

Nos 1-2 Commons Written Answers

3. First World War: Personnel from the Indian Subcontinent:

– The role of these troops in Palestine was mentioned by Lords Sheikh, Shipley and Morgan.

Lords Debates

4. Lord Hylton: What assessment have HMG made of the EC’s estimate of the value of EU-funded development and humanitarian projects in the OTs destroyed by Israel between 2001 and 2011? [Baroness Northover: $66m.]

5. Baroness Tonge: What action do HMG intend to take following reports of the killing on 7 December by Israeli soldiers of Wajeeh Wajdi Mustafa al-Ramali near the entrance to the Al Jalazoun Refugee Camp in Gaza?

6. Baroness Tonge: What assessment have HMG made of the effect on human health of the fishing limit imposed by Israel off the coast of Gaza, particularly in light of recent problems with sewage services there?

Nos 5-6

7. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG received from Israel about academic boycotts of that country; and do they plan to take action as a result of those representations?

8. Lord Hylton: What measures will HMG propose to provide effective relief for, and resettlement of, Palestinian refugees in Egypt, and to resolve their nationality status?

Nos 4-8 Lords Written Answers


1. David Ward: What is HMG policy on Palestinian membership of the International Olive Council?

Commons Written Answers

2. Lord Turnberg: Further to WA by Baroness Northover on 4 December, what representations have HMG made to Egypt about the restrictions they have placed on the transfer of fuel and other essential goods into Gaza?

3. Baroness Tonge: Do HMG intend to reverse their decision to block Palestine from becoming a member state of the International Olive Council?

4. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG had with Israel concerning reports that civilians were killed by the Israeli army in Yatta, south of Hebron, on 26 November?

5. Baroness Tonge: Do HMG intend to encourage Israel to withdraw the Prawer Plan on the relocation of Bedouin citizens? [NB: both question and answer predate announcement of PP’s shelving]

Nos 4-5

6. Baroness Tonge: What action will HMG take to encourage Israeli and Palestinian co-operation over the Meged oilfield in the West Bank?

7. Baroness Tonge: What recent discussions have HMG held with other European countries about opening dialogue with Hamas; and what steps will they take to promote dialogue between Hamas and the PA?

Nos 2-7 Lords Written Answers