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1. DfID Questions:

– Richard Burden: Will the DfID Secretary update us on the situation now in Yarmouk, given that the ceasefire seems to have broken down and the risk of starvation is very real?

– Jim Murphy: There is news this morning that people in Yarmouk are resorting to eating cats to survive. What is being done to ensure that humanitarian supplies and food can enter the besieged cities? What is the Secretary’s assessment of those who have been freed?

Nos 1-2>

Commons Oral Answers

2. Grahame M. Morris: What contribution does the Foreign Secretary plan to make to address the humanitarian needs of Bedouin forcibly removed from the Negev?

Commons Written Answers

3. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel concerning the reported shooting of two young Palestinian footballers on 31 January?

Lords Written Answers


Topical Questions to the Foreign Secretary:

– Seema Malhotra: Following Israeli PM’s visit to Washington, will Ministers give assessment of progress of the Kerry talks, in particular regarding the illegal settlements?

Commons Questions

MONDAY  3  MARCH  2014

1. Stephen Doughty: Pursuant to DfID answer of 30 January 2014 [no.2], when will the EU funding guidelines, published on 19 July 2013, be applied to loans to Israel from the European Investment Bank; and what recent discussions has the UK representative on the European Investment Bank had with ministers on this issue?

2. Sir Bob Russell: On how many occasions have DfID Ministers visited Gaza in each of the last three years?

Nos 1-2 Commons Written Answers

3. Lord Hylton: What representations are HMG making to Israel and Egypt about the availability of fuel in Gaza?

4. Baroness Tonge: What action will HMG take to ensure that the Jordan Valley is not annexed by Israel?

5. Baroness Tonge: What discussions have HMG had with Israel concerning the deployment of a neutral UN force to police the Jordan Valley?

Nos 4-5 

6. Lord Carlile of Berriew: What assessment have HMG made of the current role of Iran in respect of terrorism in Iraq, Syria and the wider Middle East, and will they consider imposing sanctions as a means to reducing any such role? [Baroness Warsi: “We remain deeply concerned at Iran’s material support for groups such as the military wings of Hamas and Hizballah, as well as its support for the Assad regime, armed groups in Iraq, and across the broader Middle East.” (extract)]


Nos 3-6 Lords Written Answers