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THURSDAY  1  MAY  2014

1.  Middle East Peace Process – Foreign Secretary’s update to the House.

Commons Written Answer

TUESDAY  29  APRIL  2014

1. Andrew Smith: How many Israeli citizens were found to be working in the UK without an appropriate visa in each of the last five years?

Commons WAs

MONDAY  28  APRIL  2014

1. Ian Lucas: What estimate has Foreign Secretary made of the number of Palestinians and Jews displaced from their country of origin in the Middle East since 1984?

2. Fiona O’Donnell: What representations has Foreign Secretary made to Israel regarding plans for the creation of a new settlement in the Old City of Hebron?

3. Andy Slaughter: What was the country of origin of each special mission to the UK that has been refused since 4 March 2013; what were the grounds for each refusal; would Foreign Secretary refuse to consent to a special mission on human rights grounds and where the person in question has been the subject of a UK judicial arrest warrant, EAW or similar judicial process; what was the country of origin of each special mission to the UK since 4 March 2013; has any person travelling on a special mission to the UK been the subject of an arrest warrant or a criminal investigation conducted by SO15 since 4 March 2013; how many special missions have been consented to orrefused under the pilot process?

4. Jeremy Corbyn: What reports has Foreign Secretary received of 10 Palestinians from Gaza and the WB who were murdered by the Israeli military in March 2013?

5. Jeremy Corbyn: What representations has Foreign Secretary made to Israel regarding the distribution of water between Palestinians and settlers in the west bank?

Nos 4-5

6. Jeremy Corbyn: How many visits has DfID Secretary made to the Jordan Valley in 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively?

7. Neil Parish: What was the value of UK-Israel bilateral trade in agricultural goods and services in each year since 2004?

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