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  1. Baroness Tonge: How many (1) single amputee, and (2) multiple amputee, children require prosthetics as a result of being injured in Operation Protective Edge; what assessment have HMG made of the access Gazan children have to prosthetics and rehabilitation; and what assessment have they made of the cost of funding a single prosthetic limb for a child through to adulthood?



  1. Baroness Tonge: What consideration have HMG given to relaxing visa restrictions for Palestinians in line with Israeli visa requirements?


Nos 1-2 Lords Written Answers

TUESDAY  21  JULY  2015

Foreign Secretary appears before the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee:

[Meeting started at 4.30 pm; the extract transcribed below occurred at 5.30 pm]

– Mark Hendrick: We’ve been talking for a good hour but there’s been no mention of a very important player, and that is Israel. As far as the Iranian deal is concerned, Israel made it quite plain that it wasn’t happy with it. And I’d be interested in the discussions that you had following the deal when you went to Tel Aviv. And also Israel generally seems quite detached from being a constructive partner with the international community in many ways and probably only looks to the US in some ways. And having said that, its relations particularly with President Obama are very bad at the moment as well. How do you feel that Israel could be made to be, or persuaded to be made, more constructive in its international engagement? And how do you feel as well that the international community ought to really say to Israel that its activities in the settlements and in particular in Gaza has got international condemnation?

– Philip Hammond: Well, I think Israel has heard that last message loudly and clearly, including regularly from us. This Government is a friend of Israel, we’re a staunch supporter of Israel’s right to live in peace and security and to defend itself, but we’re also quite prepared to speak up when what Israel is doing is unacceptable. And I have spoken out, the Prime Minister has spoken out, against the settlement policy, and we have consistently urged Israel to engage with the needs of the population in Gaza in a much more proactive way. [ed: remainder of his answer is on the Iran deal] [extract]

Hansard video http://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/d0ba5a83-2746-403d-8fbe-b6a3db272e74 @ 17:30:50

Commons Committees

MONDAY   20   JULY   2015

  1. Palestinian entities included in the Treasury’s 17th Quarterly Report on Counter-Terrorism Asset Freezing.


Commons Statements

  1. Cat Smith: When will BIS Secretary publish the review of extant export licensing and the licensing of new applications for Israel?


Commons Written Statements

  1. Baroness Tonge: Do HMG plan to change their policy on selling arms to Israel in line with the policy not to sell arms where they might be used for external aggression or internal repression?


Lords Written Answers