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Richard Burden MP, Chair of the All Party Group on Palestine, is continuing his Parliamentary campaign to make the Government accountable for its financial relationships with illegal settlements.  Firstly, by asking them how they are complying with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 465, which calls on States not to provide assistance in connection with settlements. Currently, we are enabling them to sell their goods to the UK, despite acknowledging those goods are produced on land which has been illegally seized. There are also concerns that gift aid contributions received by some charities are being used in illegal settlements.


1. Richard Burden: Asks Foreign Secretary what actions HMG have taken to comply with paragraph 7 of UNSCR 465 (1980)? [i.e. calling upon states not to provide Israel with any assistance to be used specifically in connection with the settlements]

Commons Written Answers

2. Richard Burden: Asks Chancellor of Exchequer about matters relating to tax relief to registered charities.

3. Richard Burden: Asks Chancellor of Exchequer how sure HMRC can be that donations to Israel-related charities are used for charitable purposes.

Nos 2-3

Commons Written Answers

4. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel on use of live ammunition, following reports of the shooting of Samir Ahmad Abdul-Rahmin by Israeli soldiers?

Lords Written Answers

5. Lord Hylton: What replies have HMG received from Israel about release of withheld Palestinian revenues; what action will they take if they are not released?

6. Baroness Tonge: What representations have HMG made to Israel concerning welfare of the prisoner Samer Al-Issawi, currently on hunger strike?

7. Baroness Tonge: What assessment have HMG made of steps taken to establish system to monitor treatment of Palestinian children in custody?

Nos 5-7

Lords Written Answers


1. George Galloway: What reports has Foreign Secretary received on whether Israel intends to allow settlement building to continue on occupied lands?
Commons Written Answers

2. Lord Dykes: Do HMG have plans to renew discussions with Israel on the establishment of a two-state solution? http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201213/ldhansrd/text/130129w0001.htm#13012960001080
Lords Written Answers


1. Questions to DfID Secretary:
–  Debbie Abrahams: Given that EU and UK-funded schools in West Bank are threatened with demolition, what are HMG doing to ensure that our investment is not wasted? (Speaker Bercow advises Alan Duncan to relate this to the 0.7% of GNI) Commons Oral Questions

2. Foreign Secretary to attend Foreign Affairs Council 31 January where the Middle East Peace Process MEPP will be among topics discussed. Commons Written Statements

3. Richard Burden: What checks have HMG made on IDF’s use of UAVs containing components exported from  UK under approved export licences?Commons Written Answers

4. Ian Lucas: What did Foreign Secretary mean by incentives and disincentives for Israel and Palestine with regards to future negotiations? Commons Written Answers


1.  Phillip Hollobone: What information does DfID hold on allowances paid by the PA to married and unmarried Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails?
2. Andrew Percy: does DfID know if PA pays allowances to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails convicted of terrorism?

Nos 1-2 Commons Written Answers

3. Question tabled by Baroness Falkner: What is HMG’s assessment of potential escalation of regional conflict following Israel’s air strike on Syria?
– Baroness Warsi: it would be unhelpful to speculate at this stage on the implications of this reported incident.
– Baroness Falkner of Margravine: Do pre-emptive strikes not breach international law and heighten tensions in the region, with risk of drawing in chemical weapons?
– Lords Hannay, Anderson, Howell and Triesman speculate that if this convoy was taking weapons to be used by Hezbollah against Israel then Israel might have been right to act.
– Baroness Symons ask what bilateral exchanges we are having with Russians about this.
– Lord Wright of Richmond voices concern that Foreign Secretary is reportedly arguing for lifting of arms embargo on Syria. Lords Debate


1. Henry Bellingham: Asks DfID Secretary how much aid has been allocated to PLO and PA in last 20 years.
Commons Written Answers