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1. Yes to both elements. Greens have long stood against a number of policies of the Israeli state and continue to call for a just and peaceful settlement in the Middle East, recognising the rights of the Palestinian people as well as those of Israelis in a way that is both fair and humane. An equitable choice needs to be made and accepted by both Israelis and Palestinians: the right to security for Israeli citizens should be considered alongside the rights of Palestinians, including refugees. [If Israel cannot enable a viable ‘two-state’ solution, then a ‘one-state’ solution of Israel-Palestine will need to be considered.]

2. Yes, the Green Party feels that the EU has a significant role to play in helping to bring about a just and lasting peace. My own position on this would be to press for much tougher trading terms with Israel, as a disincentive to them to carry on oppressing Palestinians… [See also 5, below]

3. Yes, we feel it is important that people across Europe should be made aware of the origin of goods.

4. The Green Party does not have a specific policy that supports the banning of goods produced in settlements, but we respect the right of individuals to boycott goods produced by particular corporations and countries based on their human rights record. I personally support the boycott.

5. Green MEPs will push the EU to use its role as a part of the Middle East Quartet to encourage full respect for UN mandates relating to the rights of Palestinians, and to call upon the state of Israel to negotiate with the democratically-elected government of the Palestinian people, end collective punishment of Palestinians, including arbitrary ‘administrative detention’, end illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and to ensure that Palestinians have access to water and other amenities, including right of access to their own farm land. We also call on the democratically-elected representatives of the Palestinian people to recognise the right of the state of Israel to exist within recognised, agreed and secure borders. Green MEPs also call upon the European Union to ensure that agreements of Association with Israel are suspended unless and until an undertaking is secured that the state of Israel will enter into the dialogue called for above, and ensures that the human rights of Palestinians are assured as are those of Israelis.