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 Israel says no Palestine
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Israel’s General Election has been won by Benjamin Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing Likud party, sending a clear message to the world that the Israeli people are happy with the status quo of keeping the Palestinians under continuous occupation and siege.
Just one day before the election, Netanyahu stood in an East Jerusalem settlement and pledged in a televised interview that he would never agree to a Palestinian state if he was re-elected, and made an election commitment not to halt settlement construction.
Bibi by Speaker Boehner
Credit: Speaker Boehner
He had also boasted that he built the settlement of Har Homa as a way of stopping Bethlehem from moving toward Jerusalem.” On election day, he further whipped up racism with his statement of Arab voters coming out in droves
The next day, he and his party were re-elected to power with a decisive majority, giving a mandate to his election commitments – commitments which fly in the face of any ‘peace process’, freedom and justice for Palestinians, and international law.
Press reports are that Obama’s administration was driven to new levels of fury by Netanyahu’s comments, and that Obama is ‘reassessing’ his options. Where are similar statements from our government? Tell the British government – do you really believe that continuing a policy of carrots, not sticks, towards Netanyahu is helping? Take Action – SANCTIONS NOW!
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Waitrose takes a battering over ‘Taste of Israel’ promotion
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Waitrose 'Taste of Israel' magazine cover
PSC’s campaign to expose Waitrose for distributing a ‘Taste of Israel’ promotion brochure hit the mainstream media this week. These are just some of the articles, which all include quotes from PSC:
The story was also covered by Russia Today, Campaign, Media Week and websites including aol.com and bt.com
 This week, Sarah Colborne, Director of PSC, wrote to Waitrose, questioning how its promotion of Israel squares with its proclaimed ethical values and requesting a meeting with its Managing Director. Read the letter here
Take action:
‘Taste of Israel’ was produced by the Israeli Government Tourist Office. It contains inaccuracies including listing Palestinian and Arab foods as Israeli (page 7), and referring to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as being in Israel (p26 and 27). This is false advertising.
Please send a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the brochure (not about Waitrose).
You’ll need to include this link in your online submission to the ASA and specify the page numbers which relate to your complaint.
Thank you for your support!
We’ve had an incredible response to our appeal for support for the General Election campaign. In the last three days you have donated an amazing £5,622!
Right now, we are busy coordinating our biggest ever lobbying campaign around an election.
We really value your support, so thank you so much. These funds will be used to make sure we reach as many candidates as possible and use this opportunity to grow support for Palestine.
If you haven’t yet donated, it is not too late. Together we can make a difference!
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PSC delivers boycott message to HP in time for its AGM
HP photo stunt
On the eve of Hewlett Packard’s annual general meeting this week, Hugh Lanning, Chair of PSC, delivered 14,000 signatures to the company’s London headquarters. The signatures, collected via our website, are part of a mass pledge to boycott HP products until it stops aiding the Israeli navy and army, and supplying body scanners to its West Bank checkpoints.


News and events
More than 700 academics from the UK and worldwide sign statement in support of the University of Southampton
Professors from leading universities condemn pressure by pro-Israel groups
More than 700 academics have signed a statement in support of the University of Southampton, in response to pressure from Israel advocacy groups to cancel a conference next month.
The signatories include distinguished professors, researchers and lecturers from the world’s leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Yale, University of California, University of Toronto, and many more.
The statement, first circulated just four days ago, commends Southampton, including Vice-Chancellor Don Nutbeam, “for its resolute defense of academic freedom”, ahead of April’s conference on Israel and international law.
New EU report calls for ‘tougher sanctions’ against Israel in light of settlement expansion. The report says Jerusalem ‘more divided than at any time since 1967’
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Tuesday 24 March – Film Screening: ‘The Wanted 18′ Read More
Tuesday 24 March – Picking Olives in Palestine: a journey of discovery. A power point presentation by Pat Mood – Borough Arms Hotel, 26 King Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Saturday 28 March –Fair Play for Palestine – Unite Building, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff Read More
BOOK NOW! Conference at University of Southampton from 17 to 19 April – International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism. Full details here>
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