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With just two days to go until the Nakba 75 march, now is the time to spread the word. Let your friends, followers and family know that you intend to be in London on the day to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people by changing your profile picture or sharing the graphic on your feed.

  1. Download the ‘I’m Marching for Palestine’ graphic here
  2. Make it your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp 
  3. Share the graphic on your feed

As British Palestinian, Aimee Shalan, recently put it in the second of our Nakba story videos, ‘it is absolutely essential that anybody who believes in freedom and justice and equality for all should take action to make sure that the Nakba is brought to an end.’ Research has found that interactions with family and friends are a key driver of political engagement. But if they don’t know, they won’t be there.

Let’s make it impossible to ignore this march!

A phone screen with a social media profile showing which includes the graphic reading 'I'm marching for Palestine' as the profile picture.
                  Click to download!