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Palestine Solidarity Campaign condemns the Trump administration’s conflation of antisemitism with legitimate criticism of, and nonviolent action against, Israel’s on-going illegal occupation and colonisation of Palestinian land and the apartheid system of rule it imposes on Palestinians.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee has highlighted that this “fraudulent revision of the definition of antisemitism has been condemned by dozens of Jewish groups worldwide and by hundreds of leading Jewish and Israeli scholars, including world authorities on antisemitism and the Holocaust.” Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch has released a statement condemning the move as “undermining the common fight against the scourge of antisemitism by equating it with peaceful advocacy of boycotts.”

The Trump administration’s demonisation of the BDS movement degrades both political discourse as well as the fight against racism, at a time where laws are being introduced across the world to prohibit people’s basic right to call for action against injustice. The fact that Pompeo made his comments whilst visiting an illegal Israeli settlement is further evidence of the Trump administration and Israeli governments total disregard for international law and basic principles of justice. PSC reaffirms its support for boycott, divestment and sanctions until Israel complies with international law and freedom and equality is granted to all.