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PSC is pleased to have received an explanation from the New Statesman regarding the removal of a piece by Salah Ajarma from its website in November. PSC commissioned an article from Salah Ajarma, the co-founder and Director of the Lajee Cultural Centre in Aida Refugee camp to be hosted on the New Statesman website. The New Statesman published the piece as part of a two year partnership between the PSC and the New Statesman. Two weeks ago, we saw that Salah Ajarma’s article was removed from the website and attempted to make contact with all appropriate persons before embarking on our e-campaign. Thanks to your actions, we have succeeded in speaking to the New Statesman and raising our concerns.

We were concerned that the article had been removed because of pressure on the New Statesman to remove it. The New Statesman have reassured us that this was not the case and have now provided a link to the article on their website, ensuring that readers can access Salah’s words and perspective. The removal of Salah’s piece came about in the context of the New Statesman reviewing all commercial partnerships from a wider editorial perspective. We are pleased that the New Statesman have acknowledged the discourtesy done by not providing an explanation when requested. They have also given a commitment to ensuring that their coverage of Palestine will continue to include a range of perspectives.

Salah’s article which can be read online here and his call for action on settlements is of crucial importance. It is essential that the voices of Palestinians facing injustice and the denial of their rights are heard in wider media coverage,  and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the New Statesman to ensure that Palestinian voices and perspectives continue to be heard.