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PSC along with 20 local groups working for Palestine (including 10 PSC branches) have had their bank accounts unilaterally closed by the Co-operative bank. The reason? The Co-op bank say they’ve changed their “risk appetite”. Apparently Palestinian human rights are too “risky” for the Co-operative bank.

Well we’re not having it. Today we’ve launched a legal case against the Co-operative bank calling this what it is – discrimination (see our press release for more details). As well as taking legal action we need you to stand with us and show the Co-op bank that campaigning for Palestinian human rights shouldn’t be punished.

If you bank with the Co-operative please close your account and send them a letter explaining why. You can download a letter to send them by clicking here (if this document doesn’t work for you then you can copy and paste the letter from here). Make sure you copy in the CEO, Niall Brooker so that he knows the full impact of the Co-ops actions (his address is at the bottom of the letter). You can find your branches address on the Co-op website here.

You can also send a complaint letter to the CEO. We’ve drafted one which you are welcome to send as is or amend. Click here.

Thank you for taking action. Moving bank account is a big decision – and we know it can be a real pain! But we need to show big businesses they can’t profit off of fake ethics. If they believe in human rights and equality – that includes Palestine too.