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More than 100,000 Palestinians are being directly punished for the events that took place in Tel Aviv on Wednesday 8 June – 83,000 who have had their permits to enter Palestinian East Jerusalem and Israel removed during Ramadan and 65,000 who live in the West Bank town of Yatta, which has been completely closed down. The families of those arrested have also been threatened with home demolition and possible deportation by the Israeli Government.

Sara Apps, interim Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said:

“Every life lost is one life too many. Our hearts go out to everyone who has lost a loved one. So far this year we have seen at least 71 Palestinians killed, and at least eight Israelis. But imposing an unlawful collective punishment on Palestinians in the West Bank in response to yesterday’s shooting in Tel Aviv is not the way to move towards understanding and peace. It only increases the injustice and decreases the opportunities to reach a just peace.

“Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are living under occupation and we call on the Israel Government, as the occupying power, to follow international law and end the occupation. This is the only way to achieve a lasting peace and end the dreadful loss of life on both sides.”