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Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has written to the UK Prime Minister to ask him to intervene against Israel’s collective punishment against Palestinians, in the wake of a violent attack in Tel Aviv.

Hugh Lanning, chair of PSC,  expressed sympathy for all the victims of violence, with at least 66 Palestinians and eight Israeli fatalities this year. “Every death is one too many.”

PSC criticised the Israeli Prime Minister’s decision to suspend 83,000 Palestinian permits, preventing them from entering East Jerusalem or Israel.

Hugh Lanning asked the UK Premier to oppose the Israeli Prime Minister’s repressive and counter-productive response: “This is collective punishment which will lead to more injustice and a deteriorating situation which will make peace harder to achieve.”

The letter also set out that the closing down of Yatta – a city of approximately 65,000 people in the occupied West Bank – is unlawful. With entrances and exits blocked ordinary people are prevented from going about their daily lives.

PSC also raised the alarming attacks on Palestinians, particularly by members of Israel’s armed forces. The video evidence of extra-judicial murder of an incapacitated Palestinian should be “of deep concern to all”, particularly given the clear video evidence that a knife was placed next to the body, to imply the guilt of the victim.