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As Israel prepares to go to the polls tomorrow, UK voters are being urged to think about the millions of Palestinians who cannot vote for the new government but whose lives will be dictated by its policies.

In the West Bank, more than four million Palestinians live under Israel’s military occupation. In Gaza, 1.8 million Palestinians live under Israeli occupation and blockade. And, worldwide, seven million Palestinians refugees are denied the right to return to what is now Israel. None of them have a say in tomorrow’s elections and, consequently, in their future.

Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), said: “The UK’s General Election is less than two months away and the difference between elections for the UK government and elections for the Israeli government couldn’t be starker.

“The new Israeli government, like all Israeli governments before it, will control the lives of millions of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. And all those millions of Palestinians are excluded from voting tomorrow. This is not democracy.”

PSC is therefore urging UK voters to make their votes count for Palestine in May, and to vote for candidates who support freedom and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

PSC is compiling a database of candidates standing for election on May 7th which details how they stand on the issue of justice for Palestinians.

Candidates in all 632 constituencies in England, Wales and Scotland are being emailed and asked for their views on issues such as Israel’s settlements and ending the UK’s arms trade with Israel. Their responses will be published on PSC’s website at the end of March.

Sarah Colborne said: “Palestinians’ lives are dictated by the Israeli occupation and tomorrow’s election in Israel won’t change this. So we’re asking UK voters to help make the change in May and vote in a government here which will put real pressure on Israel to end the occupation and end its violations of Palestinian human rights.

“We hope our database of candidates’ views on Palestine will help millions of UK voters to decide how they vote in two months’ time.”

This media release was sent to national and international media on 16th March 2015