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 Palestinians facing upsurge in Israeli repression

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism
Israel’s attacks on Palestinians are continuing, as tensions increase in Jerusalem and beyond.
Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has announced the reintroduction of punitive house demolitions, an inflammatory and illegal act – whilst a further 200 settlement units have just been approved in East Jerusalem. This week Israel bombed a Palestinian fishing boat off the coast of Gaza, as attacks on fishermen become an increasingly common event. The UN are reporting a spike in the number of Palestinians with their homes demolished by Israel. Now Israel’s impunity looks set to continue with Israel refusing to cooperate with the UN Inquiry into the war on Gaza.
credit: Tal King
photo credit: Tal King
The Israeli far right have been mobilising, not only at Al-Aqsa mosque. On Monday night, a violent extreme right wing demo by supporters of Yisrael Beiteinu, the political party headed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, demonstrated in Jerusalem outside an art exhibition, this time directing their anger at B’Tselem, an Israeli organization that documents human rights abuses against Palestinians. At the demonstration, at least one person was physically assaulted, with shouts of ‘may you burn in the gas chambers’ directed against B’Tselem supporters. Read more>
Please help us increase pressure on the UK Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, to take urgent action, and join the thousands who have already emailed him:http://act.palestinecampaign.org/lobby/ejerusalem
A London protest against Israel’s escalation of violence in Jerusalem, organised by MAB, IFE, APC, PFB, BMI and GUPS, is being supported by PSC and the Stop the War Coalition, and is taking place on Saturday outside Downing Street this Saturday 15 November, from 1-3pm.
Order your Christmas cards and calendars!
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Christmas card
With Christmas fast approaching, PSC have produced a card, with a small message on the back.
You can order these with ‘Season’s greetings’ or blank inside.
Message on the back of the card:
“During Operation Protective Edge in Summer 2014, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip. More than 11,000 Palestinians were injured, and over 475,000 have been made homeless. Major infrastructure has been destroyed or severely damaged. Israel’s continuing blockade meant that there was nowhere to flee to safety. Israel’s blockade on Gaza continues. Its illegal occupation, violations of Palestinian human rights and its refusal to respect international law are ongoing.” £3 for 5 cards, £12.00 for 25 cards.
Also, you can order our ‘Colours from Palestine’ calendars. Resistance Art have collected art pieces from 12 different Palestinian artists for this year’s calendar.
Christmas newspaper
Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Action 4 Palestinian Children are working together to produce a tabloid newspaper which tells the stories of Palestinian children from a wide range of experiences. Would you like to distribute some copies for UN Human Rights Day on 10th December and in the run up to Christmas? 200 copies will cost 23.50, and 400 copies will cost £37.00. Please contact [email protected] to order or for more info.
Thursday 13 November – Electric Circus For Gaza: Photographic Exhibition By Luke Cody
Thursday 13 November – Parliament Recognises Palestine: What Next? University of Westminster, (Hogg Lecture Theatre), 35 Marylebone Road, London
Friday14 November – Film Premiere Palestine: What Hope Peace?
Palestinian Museum Centre, 27 Broad Street, BS1 2HG, Bristol
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Friday 14 November – The Stones Cry Out: The untold story of Palestinian Christians (FILM) – Trinity Community Church, Aamani Centre, Moss Lane East, Moss Side
Saturday 15 November – Campaign Stalls- Lambeth & Wandsworth PSC
Saturday 15 November – Palestine Fundraising Supper- Norwich PSC
Chapelfield Methodist Church, Chapelfield Road, Norwich
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Sunday 16 November – Film Screening: The Village Under The Forest
The Broadway Cinema, 14-16 Broad Street, Nottingham
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