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Special event for Gaza on Tuesday 15th January
Vote for G4S as ‘Worst Corporation of the Year’

G4S is a strong contender for the infamous ‘Worst Corporation of the Year’ Public Eye People’s Award. G4S is complicit in human rights abuses across the world and helps Israel commit crimes against the Palestinian people.
You can read more about G4S’s human rights abuses and cast your vote>> It only takes seconds to vote and no registration is required.
Gaza four years on from Cast Lead:
Still under siege; still under attack
This Tuesday 15th January at Parliament, London
Confirmed speakers are:
The Palestinian Ambassador to the UK Prof Manuel Hassassian, Labour MP Andy Slaughter, Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, PSC Chair Hugh Lanning, Rania Al-Najjar – a student from Gaza currently studying in the UK. Chair: Jeremy Corbyn MP
We still have a few places for this event. Pre-booking is essential. To book please email.
Make sure you book your place!
Balfour Declaration
Haringey Justice for Palestinians have initiated a Government e-petition about the Balfour Declaration and British Mandate of Palestine. The e-petition calls for Britain to acknowledge and make amends for the role British policy and actions played in leading to the catastrophe for the Palestinian people.You can sign here>>
The BBC and the hunger strikers
As hunger striker Samer Issawi approaches his 170th day without food in an Israeli jail, the BBC has revealed its cruel excuses for ignoring the Palestinian hunger strikers in an extraordinary letter to PSC.
Palestinians establish a tented village of resistance
Palestinians have set up a new tented village, Bab AlShams, in the area Israel refers to as E1. This is the area earmarked for a new illegal settlement condemned even by the USA, as well as the UN and the EU. The new villagers say “Bab Alshams is the gate to our freedom and steadfastness. Bab Alshams is our gate to Jerusalem. Bab Alshams is the gate to our to our return”.
5 Broken Cameras’ nominated for Oscar
A documentary on a Palestinian farmer’s chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army has been nominated for an Oscar Award. The film won the prestigious Cinema Eye honour in New York this week>>
Israeli Elections
Extreme right wing parties are predicted to win power in Israel’s forthcoming General Election. The Mossawa Center analyses how this will affect the Palestinian minority living in Israel. The Jewish Home Party, which is within sight of becoming Israel’s 2nd biggest Party, plans to annex more of the West Bank.
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