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Show Israeli racism the red card in Cardiff!
The Israeli national team will be playing Wales in Cardiff in the qualifying round of the men’s Euro 2016 competition on the 6th of September.
Israel engages in these sporting competitions to appear as a credible European nation, with the aim of diverting attention away from the blatant violations of human rights exacted by the Israeli state on Palestinians.
We need to send a message that we will not let Israel’s crimes go unnoticed, just as activists protested the participation of South Africa in similar sporting events during apartheid.
A major rally in Cardiff is being organised, with people travelling from around the country to protest this match. If you are travelling from London, book your seat on the coach before places run out, and make it clear that we will not let Israel’s whitewashing go unchallenged! Details of coaches from elsewhere will be advertised shortly.
Sign our petition to end the siege on Gaza
A recent report on Israel’s attacks in Rafah between 1-4 August last year, by Amnesty International, provides further evidence that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza. 1st August last year is known as ‘Black Friday’ for its high casualty rates. The report, which uses state-of-the-art spatial investigative techniques, states that Israel intentionally killed at least 135 Palestinian civilians in retaliation, including 75 children.
Read the report here and the video documenting their pioneering investigation here should be watched by everyone.
Currently, people in Gaza are living amongst the rubble of their homes, without proper running water or electricity. Israel is refusing to allow building materials into the strip, without which the process of recuperation cannot begin. Interpal has reported that 10% of children in Gaza are suffering from stunting or malnutrition.
Sign our petition to demand the UK government applies immediate pressure on Israel to end the siege on Gaza.
Keep sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts about Gaza: One year on.
Susiya update
The villagers of Susiya in the South Hebron hills continue to live in fear of impending demolition. They are set to have a legal appeal heard on the 3rd August, but this is dependent on whether Israel chooses to demolish the village before the hearing.
Recently, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan rejected the very existence of Susiya, claiming ‘There has never been an Arab village called Susya … (it is) a ploy by leftist organisations to take over Area C (of the West Bank)’. Read the full +972 article here. However, B’tselem states that the village has existed for at least a century and appears on maps as far back as 1917, in its original location in caves before they were expelled by the Israeli state in 1986. Read the full factsheet here. Haaretz recently reported that a document released by the Civil Administration Office of the Defense Ministry confirmed that Susiya was built on private Palestinian land. Read the full article here.


Although the international community, including the U.S. state department and EU foreign ministers, has urged Israel not to demolish Susiya, the pressure has not been great enough, with the villagers fearing imminent destruction every day. Yet again they have failed to sanction Israel for its violations of international law.
Fundraising Dinner: A resounding success!
A huge thank you to everyone who attended our fundraising dinner, and a special thank you to the London Muslim Centre for hosting us.
Not only did everyone enjoy an evening of fantastic food, and speeches from figures such as Diane Abbott and Ambassador Manuel Hassassian, but we raised a great amount of money for Palestine Solidarity Campaign – we will keep you updated on the final figure raised. With this money we will continue to fight for the rights of Palestinians through our many different campaigns.
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and thank you again for your generous contributions and for showing solidarity with Palestine.
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Until 3 August – Max Blumenthal Nationwide book launch, ‘The 51 Day War’
Saturday 1 August – The Big Ride Palestine send off
Saturday 1 August – Dragged out for Palestine
Brixton, London
Thursday 6 August – Talk: Jordan Valley, Resisting Ethnic Cleansing
Saturday 8 August – The Big Ride Palestine: Luton welcome reception
Sunday 9 August – The Big Ride Palestine: End of Tour Rally
Lambeth, London
Thursday 20 August – Public Meeting: Wales v. Israel game
Saturday 22 August – Palestine & Latin America: Building solidarity for national rights
Central London
Saturday 29 August – Demo for Gaza: ‘Remember Gaza – Stop Arming Israel’
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