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Since 2010, after vigorous local campaigns for the company’s exclusion, Veolia has lost or withdrawn from waste contracts worth over £10 billion worldwide.

Important Campaign Successes in UK

Sandwell Metropolitan, Edinburgh, Richmond, Portsmouth, Winchester & East Hants, South London Waste Partnership, Ealing, West London Waste Authority, East Sussex, North Wales incinerator project, South Wales incinerator project, Harrow, Canterbury, North London Waste Authority (£4.7 billion!), Liverpool.  In addition, having faced three years of demonstrations outside the Natural History Museum in London, Veolia ended its sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Queen Mary College, University of London:  In February 2013 the Students Union passed a motion urging the college not to award any more contracts to Veolia (or G4S).  The University of East London Students Union passed a similar motion in 2011.

Swansea:   In June 2010 the Council passed a motion to exclude Veolia from all future contracts.

Tower Hamlets (London) Borough:   The Council passed a motion in February 2011 asking the Mayor to review all contracts with Veolia, not to place any more contracts with the company and to terminate any relationship with Veolia.

Campaign Successes in Other Countries

Here are some of them:

Stockholm Metro (Sweden):   Veolia Transport had been running the Stockholm metro for many years.  In 2009 it lost the replacement contract after a high profile public campaign.  This was a big blow to Veolia as the contract was worth 3.5 billion Euros.  Veolia’s finance manager for Sweden was sacked.  Stockholm City Council did not admit that the campaign was responsible, but it was widely acknowledged that this was the case.

Melbourne Metro (Australia):  After an effective campaign, Veolia Transport failed to win the contract for the Melbourne light rail transit.  For Veolia, another big contract lost.  Again a widely acknowledged victory for the campaign, despite the City Council’s denial.  Local authorities prefer to avoid controversy and as an easy way out can claim normal commercial considerations for their decision.

Bordeaux (France): In 2009, Veolia transport lost a 750 million Euro contract for the biggest urban network in France.

Dublin City (Ireland): In 2010 Dublin City Council instructed its City Manager not to grant or renew any contracts with Veolia.

Regional Council of Haaglanden, including the Hague (Netherlands): In May 2012 Veolia lost the contract for transportation systems in the city

Yolo County, California (USA): In December 2012 Veolia withdrew from a $325 water project after a sustained local campaign for the company’s exclusion.