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The following statement appeared in the Morning Star on Saturday 14th May:

“We are organisations and individuals who – for many years – have campaigned for Palestinian human rights in our different and varied ways.

We pledge to the people of Palestine that we will not be silenced and that we will continue to speak out until they have justice.

There is a concerted campaign to label criticism of Israel as antisemitic.

As anti-racists we object to the slur that is being propagated in the media about those who genuinely raise the issue that Israel should be held to account for its actions.

It is not racist to criticise a government if it is in breach of international law and Israel is. In military occupied Palestine, Israel is colonising Palestinian land, trampling on human rights and discriminating against the Palestinian people, in law and deed, on a daily basis.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are abhorrent examples of a growth in racism that needs to be challenged. This is not assisted by encouraging a witch-hunt of individuals and organisations whose only crime has been to support Palestine and defend human rights.

We are proud to stand up for Palestine and will not be silenced.”

We are delighted that more partner organisations are signing up to the statement. Here is a list to date:

Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Hugh Lanning, Chair
Amos Trust, Chris Rose, Director
British Arabs Association, Atallah Said OBE, Chairman
Europal Forum, Zaher Birawi, Chairman
Friends of Sabeel UK, Mark Battison, UK Director
ICAHD UK – Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Jewish Socialists’ Group
Kairos Britain
Liberal Democrat Friends of Palestine, Jonathan Fryer, Chair
Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Mohammed Kozbar, Vice President
National Union of Teachers
Pax Christi, Pat Gaffney, General Secretary
Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), Dr Hafiz Alkarmi, Chairman,
Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
RMT trade union
Scottish Friends of Palestine, Hugh Humphries, Secretary
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sofiah MacLeod, Chair
Stop the War, Lindsey German, Convenor
TSSA trade union
Unite the Union
Zaytoun, Manal Ramadan, Managing Director