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Only a few days left…

You have just under one week left to take part in the consultation to stop the government’s attack on support for Palestine in local government. If you haven’t already, please send a consultation response today – it only takes a minute. Over 12,000 people have already signed!

Resistance is rapidly growing against the government’s attack on local pension fund divestment, with many voices speaking out against this attack on people concerned with human rights in Palestine.

A week ago Newcastle City Council passed a motion to condemn the government’s plan to curb the power of Councils to divest from unethical companies or countries: “Newcastle City Council is proud of its commitment to human rights and to putting this into practice through such measures as an ethical approach to its relationship with business as outlined under Newcastle’s Social Value Commitment”

In the meantime UNISON, the national public services union, is contributing to the consultation on the issue, and has made it clear that the government intends to “stop campaigns such as UNISON and PSC’s work, encouraging UNISON branches up and down the country to use their pension funds’ financial muscle to exert pressure on companies that continue to support the illegal occupation of Palestine”

Please take a minute to support our campaign to stop the attack on local democracy and our ability to divest from pension funds and companies complicit in Israel’s human rights abuses. (And if you have already done so please consider sharing this to all your friends!)