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On Saturday 9 February, PSC branches and other groups took action outside branches of Sainsburys and other supermarkets around the UK, as part of an international day of action, marked in Palestine by protests in Gaza and the West Bank.

Palestinian agricultural organisations and the Palestinian BDS National Committee have called for the launching of worldwide campaigns on February 9 against Israeli agricultural export corporations in light of their deep complicity in Israel’s ongoing violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.

Thousands of letters have been sent to UK supermarkets in the last few days, calling on them to stop using suppliers, such as Israeli agricultural companies Mehadrin and Hadiklaim that profit from Israel’s illegal occupation, settlements and the wall. The letter also congratulated the Coop supermarket for taking a principled stance and refusing to trade with companies exporting goods from illegal Israeli settlements.

More information on the campaign is available here, including the PSC online action tool: https://palestinecampaign.org/campaigns/agricultural-produce/