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Thank you so much. Without the help of thousands of members and supporters, we would not have managed to organise such an effective campaign against SodaStream. Your pressure made a real difference. Within days, actor Scarlett Johansson was forced to break her links with Oxfam and end the pretence that she could represent both a company that profits from Israeli occupation and support Oxfam.
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The boycott campaign is having a serious impact. Mainstream media worldwide is buzzing with stories on how we are mobilising to defend Palestinian rights and end Israeli occupation, racism and apartheid. It is incredible that we have come so far in just a few years.
But we need to step up that pressure. And to do that, PSC needs your help.
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Just some examples of our boycott work are below:
Don’t buy SodaStream!
Don't buy sodastream
John Lewis’ ethical bubble is bursting. Their continued refusal to remove SodaStream from their shelves is creating major reputational damage. So let’s take this further – help us in our campaign to flood John Lewis’ CEO with emails opposing John Lewis’ continued association with a company that operates in an illegal Israeli settlement.
After all, unbelievably, John Lewis’ head of responsible sourcing told PSC that “John Lewis will continue to sell SodaStream products, and any decision to stop stocking them in the future would be made solely on commercial grounds” – clearly implying that the ethics of dealing with a settlement profiteer are irrelevant. So we need to go straight to the top, and tell the CEO exactly what we think. We also want to expand this campaign, by ensuring that other companies that stock SodaStream also come under pressure to remove products associated with illegal Israeli settlements.
John Lewis
G4S – profiting from Israel’s illegal detention and torture of Palestinians
The story of our campaign against the BBC awarding a security contract to G4S, with over 2000 BBC viewers and listeners bombarding the CEO, went viral. Here’s hoping our campaigning means G4S are not awarded the security contract with the BBC.
At G4S’ last AGM, PSC members ensured that G4S’ contracts with Israeli prisons gave the G4S board a real headache. We have plans to increase our work: campaigning against other G4S contracts, holding G4S to account at its 2014 AGM in June, and mobilising outside G4S HQ on Palestinian Prisoners Day on 17 April.
Sainsbury’s – taste the indifference
PSC is campaigning to urge Sainsbury’s to adopt ethical policy and stop using suppliers that trade in settlement produce – just as the Cooperative Supermarket did in 2012. We know that consumer pressure can make a real difference. So that’s why we are organising a national day of action on 1 March, and working to ensure that the Sainsbury’s CEO knows exactly why he needs to take that ethical step forward.
Please help fund our work:
  • providing the tools and resources for activists to campaign for Palestinian rights
  • organising the campaigns targeting companies that are profiting from Palestinian dispossession
  • using BDS as an effective way of building solidarity and ending injustice.
We are having a tremendous impact. We know that, just as apartheid was overthrown in South Africa, we can end Israeli occupation, racism and apartheid.
Please give a donation today.
Thank you!
Sarah Colborne and Hugh Lanning
Director and Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign
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