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We wish everyone a very happy holiday. To stay up-to-date with developments in Palestine please visit our facebook and twitter pages (which you can also see on our website palestinecampaign.org).


With each passing month the situation for the Palestinians gets worse. More homes are demolished. More settlements are built. Yet our government does next to nothing to help the Palestinians. It’s because our government has done so little that the Palestinians are calling for a peaceful boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel.

The UK Government has made a public commitment to Israel that it will try to stop public authorities from taking procurement and investment decisions on ethical grounds. This is an anti-democratic move designed to stop councils taking effective action against Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is campaigning against the Government’s attempts to prevent public bodies from supporting human rights through their contracts and investments.

Send a postcard from Palestine to the Government Minister Matthew Hancock who went all the way to Israel to announce these anti-democratic and anti-rights measures. So far more than 7,000 of you have signed the postcard. Can we make that 8,000?

Sign our postcard to Matthew

Opportunities to join the national executive of Palestine Solidarity CampaignAfter many successful years of producing PSC’s members’ magazine, Palestine News, Gill Swain has decided to step back. So we are looking for anew publications officer, who would be a member of PSC’s executive committee.

There is also a vacancy for PSC’s youth and students officer.

These are both voluntary roles and are compatible with work or study. To find out more about them please visit our website. If you are interested and would like to know more please email [email protected].

To apply please send a 250 word statement by next Wednesday (30 March 2016) – to [email protected] 

G4S announces they intend to leave Israel After a long-running campaign against G4S’s involvement in human rights violations through their involvement in Israeli prisons and Israeli settlement security – G4S has announced it intends to sell off G4S Israel and end its work in the area. We will be campaigning to ensure they are as good as their word. Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s interim director Sara Apps blogged for the Independent about the issue – read the blog>

UN Human Rights Council 

The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva passed a number of resolutions that will help those seeking to hold Israel to account for its human rights violations against Palestinians. The Council voted to draw up a database of companies that operate in Israel’s illegal settlements.  They also appointed a new special rapporteur, Michael Lynk, despite lobbying from Israel’s supporters against the appointment. PSC were represented at an event at the Human Rights Council, expressing our support for ‘action not words’.

There are some great events coming up. Find out about events>