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Hold your candidates to account during the European Elections, and help gather information which will help Palestine supporters decide how to vote.

Ask your MEP candidates their views on some crucial issues:

Please ask your MEP candidates to fill in our questionnaire>

Please read our EU briefing for the EU elections>

Please remember that the further up the list they are the more likely they are to be elected (ie. no1 is most likely to be elected, 2 second most likely etc).

You can also use our model letter>

This gives links to all the  MEP candidates in your region. Not sure what region you are in? Check here>



1. Syed Kamall Twitter Email Phone Phone2

2. Dr Charles Tannock Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

3. Marina Yannakoudakis Twitter Email Website Phone Phone2

4. Caroline Attfield

5. Dr Lynne Hack Email Website

6. Sheila Lawlor Email Website

7. Glyn Chambers Facebook

8. Annesley George Abercorn Facebook Website



1. Jean Lambert  Read responses>
Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

2. Caroline Allen Twitter Website

3. Haroon Saad Twitter 

4. Shahrar Ali Twitter Email Email2 Website Website2

5. Danny Bates Responses> Twitter Email Website

6. Tracey Hague

7. Violeta Vajda Twitter Facebook

8. Amelia Womack Twitter Facebook Website



1. Claude Moraes Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

2. Mary Honeyball Twitter Email Website

3. Lucy Anderson Twitter Facebook Email Website

4. Seb Dance Twitter Email Website

5. Ivana Bartoletti Twitter Email Website

6. Kamaljeet Jandu  Twitter Facebook

7. Sanchia Alasia Cllr Twitter Email Website Phone Phone2

8. Andrea Biondi Twitter Facebook Email Website


Lib Dem

1. Sarah Ludford Read response> Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

2. Jonathan Fryer Responses> Twitter Email Website Website2 Phone

3. Richard Davis Twitter Website

4. Anuja Prashar Twitter Website

5. Rosina Robson Twitter Website

6. Turhan Ozen Twitter Facebook Website Website2

7. Simon James Twitter Website

8. Matt McLaren Twitter Facebook Email Website Phone



1. Gerard Batten Twitter Website Phone

2. Paul Oakley Twitter Facebook

3. Elizabeth Jones Twitter Website

4. Lawrence Webb Twitter

5. Alastair McFarlane

6. Andrew McNeilis Twitter Website

7. Anthony Brown Twitter Facebook

8. Peter Whittle

We’ve focused on those Parties most likely to win seats. For a full list visit this link>