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John Lewis’s complacency and complicity in stocking occupation SodaStream products – despite their awareness of an international boycott campaign against the manufacturer – has been exposed. Read the EI article>

This is John Lewis’ response so far:

” While I am sure a number of John Lewis’ customers may share these views, equally I am sure others would not and it is for this reason that John Lewis always seeks to remain non-aligned.  In our view, it is not the place of John Lewis to decide which of these views is right or wrong nor do we believe it is our place to make such a decision on behalf of our customers.

We are aware of the complex nature of the situation in Israel and the West Bank and we believe international bodies such as the United Nations, working with national governments, are best placed to resolve these issues.  Therefore, you will understand that any decision to stop stocking Sodastream products in the future would be made solely on commercial grounds by our buying teams.

Please urge John Lewis to stop stocking Sodastream products immediately

Email their Chief Executive [email protected] now!

Arguments to use:

  • Sodastream’s main factory is in a settlement – Ma’ale Adumim – in the Occupied West Bank. These settlements are illegal under international law, and an obstacle to peace – therefore settlement production relies on, and supports, an activity that is illegal.
  • This is not a matter of having a view – this is plain and simple illegal under international law.
  • The UK government guidance t has warned businesses like John Lewis to look at the issues of reputational, legal and economic risks if they do business with Israel’s illegal settlements. This is a good way to lose reputation and custom.
  • Israeli companies operating in the West Bank enjoy cheap land and water, confiscated from the indigenous Palestinian owners; a captive Palestinian labour force; tax benefits; and lax regulation of environmental and labour protection laws.
  • Highlight that their claim that the  “rights, interests and well-being” of the hundreds of its employees who are drawn from Palestinian towns and villages is the same argument used  by British and  South African politicians against boycott during Apartheid South Africa. Palestinians themselves are clear that what they would like is to determine the future of their own land.
  • Settlement businesses damage rather than support the Palestinian economy. Draw their attention to the World Bank report which has calculated that the restrictions to land (part of the Israel’s occupation and settlement infrastructure)   results in loss to the Palestinian economy at about US$3.4 billion (October 2013)
  • SodaStream misleads consumers by labelling home beverage carbonating devices  as “Made in  Israel” despite being made in an illegal settlement. John Lewis are complicit in this deception by stocking the products.

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