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Alistair Burt, Foreign Office Minister responsible for the Middle East, has responded to Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, Lisa Nandy MP and Action 4 Palestinian Children’s letter raising concerns about the lack of progress for Palestinian children imprisoned by Israel.

Alistair Burt says “I share your concerns about the treatment of Palestinian children detained in Israeli prisons”.

The Minister says he has pressed his Israeli counterparts for further measures, beyond the limited actions taken by Israel following the publication of the UK report.  Key among these are to introduce mandatory audio-visual recordings for interviews and to end the use of  solitary confinement for children.

However, the Minister is silent on the issues of parents given the right to be present during questioning and the child’s right to access to a lawyer before their interrogation respected.

Kiri Tunks said “If Mr Burt  examines  our assessment of Israel’s progress towards equality of treatment for  Palestinian children and Israeli children accused of crimes,  he will see that in practical terms no improvements have been made. Despite the warm words of Israel’s Attorney General, the situation remains desperate for Palestinian children.

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