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  • Unprecedented numbers of constituents have been contacting their MPs to demand they vote for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
  • PSC reaffirms that MPs are facing a basic moral test that will be a lasting record of their response to war crimes


More than 125 000 people have contacted their Member of Parliament in the last 3 days to demand they vote for a ceasefire in Gaza. The figure comes from a tally of people taking a Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) e action to support our call for a ceasefire. The number reflects the scale and depth of public opinion in response to Israel’s indiscriminate bombing and ground offensive which has so far killed more than 11 000 Palestinians, including 5000 children, in 39 days. A Palestinian has been killed every 4 minutes and a Palestinian child every 10 minutes since Israel’s bombing campaign began.

MPs are poised to vote this evening on a Scottish National Party amendment to the Kings Speech which calls for an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza. MPs of all are parties are being inundated with emails calling on them to support the amendment. A demonstration outside Parliament at 5pm today is expected to draw several thousand people in support.

Ben Jamal, Director of PSC says,

“We urge all MPs to examine their consciences. This is a basic moral test. Do they vote to stop the killing of thousands of civilians, including thousands more children, or not? Not voting for a ceasefire and voting for a humanitarian pause delivers a message to Palestinians that we seek a pause in the bombing so you can be fed and receive medical supplies before the bombing resumes. Any humanitarian improvements achieved during a pause will be reversed once the bombing starts again. With opinion polls showing a large majority of the British public in favour of a ceasefire, no MP should fail to act in accordance with what the public demand and what is morally correct in response to the indiscriminate killing in Gaza.”