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Palestinians have called on us to join them in a ‘day of rage’ on Thursday 1st August against the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the Naqab (also known as the Negev).
Join our Virtual Protest between 1900-2000 (UK time is GMT+1) against Israel’s Prawer Plan to ethnically cleanse 40,000 Palestinian Bedouin from their homes and land.
You might be on a beach, at your desk or at a train station or airport – wherever you are you can join the protest!
Find out more about why you should oppose Israel’s plan to ethnically cleanse Palestinians>
Bedouin Palestinian children
Stop Israel from forcing Palestinian Bedouin people from their homes & land
BBC deny Palestinian identity of East Jerusalem
If you haven’t complained yet about the BBC’s country profile page for Israel listing Jerusalem as Israel’s seat of government, now is the time to do so. Complain via the BBC website and ask for reply
The BBC’s insistence on describing Jerusalem as an Israeli city, despite such a status not being recognised under international law, has been condemned by Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in a press release>
In a ruling last week, the BBC Trust appears to have accepted Israel’s facts on the grounds – namely that all of Jerusalem is a united Israeli city – despite the fact that no country recognises Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem, and international law makes the divided status of the city quite clear.
In recent months, items on the BBC’s Today and The World Tonight programmes have described the whole of Jerusalem as being an Israeli city. The country profile page for Israel on the BBC website states that Israel’s seat of government is ‘Jerusalem’. PSC has asked for this to be changed to ‘West Jerusalem’.
Growing uncertainty for Palestinian Jerusalemites
The minority of Palestinians with the ‘permanent’ right to live in East Jerusalem have long been aware of the fragility of their residency status. More than 14,000 of them have been stripped of the right to live in Jerusalem since 1967 by the Israeli Jerusalem authorities.
Palestinians – born and raised in the city (who can often trace their family roots in the city back for hundreds of years) – are expected to prove ‘the centre of their life’ is Jerusalem in order to maintain their right to live there. Now uncertainty is growing as Israeli authorities are issuing Jerusalem IDs that expire after 10 years. Amira Hass, writing for Israeli newspaper Haaretz, finds Palestinians have good reason to panic about this latest measure.
Given the centrality of Jerusalem to any peace talks this casts further doubt on Israel’s sincerity for reaching agreement with the Palestinian negotiators.
Jerusalem and West Bank
Identity cards are issued to Palestinians by Israeli authorities. Palestinians with Blue IDs allowed to live in East Jerusalem, green IDs are for those in the West Bank. Palestinians with green IDs are generally not allowed (by Israel) to enter Jerusalem or Israel. Israelis are allowed to travel between the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel. Palestinian residents of Gaza are generally prevented by Israel from travel, including to Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israel.
News and events

“Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!” | EI Israelis on Facebook react to photo of Palestinian kids camping in the West Bank

Kidnapped and silenced |Ufree
Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, was kidnapped from the Ukraine and transported to prison in Israel. Israel has imposed a news blackout and is holding him in solitary confinement. Ufree is campaigning for his release.
Prawer Plan | New Internationalist
Coverage of Israel’s plans to ethnically cleanse the Naqab (also known as the Negev)
UN lobby against Prawer Plan | OHCHR
The UN High Commissioner has called on Israel to drop its Prawer Plan

Saturday 3/10/17/24 August

Protest Against Sodastream
Brighton Read More

Tuesday 13 August

Public Meeting on Gaza Blockade,

Saturday 17 August

Palestine Fundraising Garden Party

Wolverhampton Read More
Sponsored walk
Sunday 15 September
An 8.5 mile walk along the most picturesque stretch of the Thames in West London.
Starting at Putney Bridge we pass boathouses (start of the boat-race) and the Barnes Wetland Centre. We cross the river at Hammersmith past the pubs and georgian houses of Hammersmith and Chiswick Malls. We cross back to the south bank at Barnes where the river takes on a more rural feel as we pass Dukes Meadows, Kew Gardens and Syon Park. The walk finishes in Buccleuch Gardens near Richmond Bridge where soft drinks will be provided by Richmond and Kingston PSC.
The walk is along (mostly) well surfaced paths and is well served by public transport for those not wanting to do the whole walk.
If you want to take part:
Or you can donate towards the walk (choose the sponsored walk option)
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