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1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza are suffering intense hardship. And without urgent action the situation will get even worse.
Following the coup in Egypt, the Rafah crossing is mostly closed and tunnels have been blocked, tightening Israel’s siege. Students are so frustrated at being prevented from leaving to study abroad they stormed the crossing to get out. Students like Yousef Aljamal risk losing scholarships at university because they have been prevented from leaving Gaza by Egypt and Israel.
child in Gaza
Boy collecting rubble, Gaza, Palestine.
For over 6 years, 1.7 million Palestinians have lived under Israeli siege and blockade in Gaza. The Rafah crossing into Egypt, and the tunnels, provided a lifeline for Palestinians needing to enter or leave Gaza, and for food, medicines and fuel to enter.
Ask your MP to urgently write to the Foreign Office to ask what action is being taken to address the growing humanitarian disaster in Gaza.
Palestinians are relying on us to not let their suffering go unnoticed in Britain.
Please take action today
Will the Methodists support BDS?
This Monday, the Methodists launched a major consultation exercise to ask for the views of as many people as possible on BDS. Should the Methodist Church support boycott, divestment and sanctions? Please let them know! The details and the 14 questions that are being posed are here. http://www.methodist.org.uk/BDSBriefing. Although the Methodist Church already supports the boycott of illegal settlements, this is possibly the first time that a major UK church has discussed full BDS. The outcome will be debated next year at the highest levels of the Church including by their Governing body, the Methodist Conference.
The deadline for responses is 8am on 4th November 2013
BBC: say ‘no’ to G4S
The BBC has invited companies to bid for an £80 million security contract. Please sign the petition to the BBC asking them not to award this contract because:
G4S services Israeli prisons to which Palestinian prisoners are illegally transferred in serious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and also, in the case of child prisoners, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
News and events
Action 4 Palestinian children
In under a week over 700 people have signed the pledge for Palestinian children’s human rights. If you haven’t yet signed, please sign here
IDF twitter-action deluged with pro-Palestine tweets | PSC
The Israeli Forces announced that they would spend Wednesday answering questions from twitter users – #askIDF. Here are a selection of some of the best questions they received!
Grenada, Haiti recognize the State of Palestine | Ma’an News
Israelis plan new settlement in heart of Hebron | Middle East Monitor
The BBC’s subjective view of Israel’s occupation should concern us all | Middle East Monitor
3 to 5 October – Palestine Embassy and Nakba Museum, Bristol Read More
Sat 5 – Sun 6 Oct – SOAS Conference: Self-Critique Two Decades After Oslo, London Read More
Sat 5 Oct – Talk and Film about Hebron, Newcastle Read More
Sat 5 Oct – Weekly Protest Against Sodastream, Brighton Read More
Tues 8 Oct – Jamal Juma – Stop the Wall Campaign, Sheffield Read More
Thurs 10 Oct – Concert for Palestine, Portsmouth Read More
Thurs 10 Oct – What’s going on in the Middle East?, Bristol Read More
Sat 12 Oct –Solidarity Walk with Gaza, Derbyshire Read More
Sat12 Oct –Fortnightly Sodastream Action, London Read More
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