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Tell your MP: VOTE to recognise Palestine
So far over 15,000 of you have emailed your MPs to ask them to vote for Palestine. This is amazing but is only a small proportion of those who receive our updates – so please take action if you haven’t already.
This is important: this is the first opportunity in at least four Parliaments that MPs have had a vote to recognise Palestinians’ right to self-determination.Please make sure that you do all you can to urge your MP to vote for Palestine.

Ask your MP to vote to recognise Palestine:
MPs say 'recognise Palestine'
MPs show their support for Palestine.
Photo credit: Palestine briefing
Even if your MP is not usually supportive please do take the time to send them an email, and encourage others you know to do so as well. As this is a backbench debate, MPs will not be obliged by their political parties to vote – so let’s make sure that as many as possible turn up and vote for Palestine. Use this link: http://act.palestinecampaign.org/lobby/Palestine
7,000 call for action over BBC’s Head of Statistics
This week PSC sent an open letter, signed by 7,000 people, to the BBC. The letter calls for the removal of the broadcaster’s Head of Statistics from all reporting on Palestine and Israel.


The demand followed an article published on the BBC website, in which the Head of Statistics, Anthony Reuben, misused Palestinian casualty figures in an attempt to back up Israel’s claims that it had not targeted civilians during its July/August assault on Gaza.
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Boycott Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard is a US multinational information technology corporation. HP not only profits from developing systems to racially profile Palestinians and track and control their movements, it is also complicit in Israel’s apartheid by supplying the system that helps to restrict Palestinians’ freedom of movement. HP is also contracted to provide the Israeli navy’s IT infrastructure. Find out more about why you should support PSC’s upcoming campaign against HP.
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News and events
Woodcraft Folk vote to support Gaza and BDS | Woodcraft Folk
A motion has been passed at the Woodcraft Folk general meeting. The motion encourages members to: campaign for the people of Palestine; support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions); educate children on the issues, and lobby their MPs end the arms trade with Israel.
Glasgow activists arrested | EI
Ten activists were arrested after shutting down a Thales UK factory in the Scottish city of Glasgow on Tuesday to protest the company’s relationship with the Israeli military.
US activists prevent unloading of Israeli ship | EI
Conservatives call for the recognition of Palestine | New Statesman
Israeli settlers take over Palestinian homes | +972
Wednesday 1 October – Israel’s Crimes in Gaza, Merton PSC – Wimbledon
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Thursday 2 October – Meeting with Max BlumenthalLondon
Saturday 4 October – Sainsbury’s Boycott Action – Huddersfield Read More
Sunday 5 October – Sainsbury’s Boycott Action, Waltham Forest PSC – London Read More
Sunday 5 October – The Galilee Quartet, Amnesty UK & Brighton & Hove PSC – Brighton Read More
Monday 6 October – Children in Chains- documentary by Jon Pullman, Kennington, London Read More
Tuesday 7 October – After the Tricycle- Can Arts Organisations say ‘no’ to embassy funding?London Read More
Tuesday 7 October – Supporting a Cycle for Peace, Milton Keynes PSC –
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