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@Puma cannot claim to promote social justice whilst being a proud sponsor of Israeli apartheid. We must #BoycottPuma and the #PumaFam until they end their sponsorship of the @IsraelFA which includes settlement teams on stolen Palestinian land!


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Over 200 Palestinian teams have called on Puma to stop its support for Israel’s military occupation by ending its sponsorship of the @ISRAELFA, which includes clubs based on stolen Palestinian land. I stand with these teams & with the Palestinian people. #BoycottPuma #PumaFam 

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@Puma, stop supporting Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people! Your sponsorship of the @IsraelFA helps maintain its direct involvement with violations of human rights and international law. #BoycottPuma #PumaFam 


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I just phoned @Puma to let them know I will continue to boycott them and their #PumaFam until they stop supporting Israeli war crimes and Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights.