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PSC calls for Waitrose meeting over ‘Taste of Israel’ brochure

Palestine Solidarity Campaign has written to the Managing Director of Waitrose, Mark Price, asking for a meeting to discuss the supermarket chain’s promotion of Israel. In February, Waitrose distributed an Israeli Government Tourist Office brochure entitled ‘Taste of Israel’. The brochure was included as a supplement in the Waitrose in-house magazine, ‘My Kitchen’. PSC sent …

In Opinion

A taste of apartheid, courtesy of Waitrose

‘Taste of Israel’ is a glossy, colour 32-page booklet which is being offered to shoppers at the supermarket chain, Waitrose, this month. The booklet passes off Palestinian/Arab dishes and ingredients such as za’atar, tahini and falafel as Israeli. And it contains tourist features on towns within Israel which, while mentioning their Ottoman past, ignore their …