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The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism
Day of Rage – 30th November
Palestinians are uniting to oppose the Prawer Plan, and they urgently need our support. If the Prawer Plan is enacted it will forcibly remove up to 70,000 Palestinian Bedouin from their homes and villages in the Naqab (the Negev). Although it has not yet been passed fully by the Israeli Parliament, villages are already under threat with a town inhabited by Palestinian citizens of Israel at risk of being demolished, making way for a new town for Israeli Jewish citizens.
Stephen Pound MP
Stephen Pound MP says Stop the Prawer Plan!
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Following us on twitter and facebook to get involved in actions on the day – including social media alerts.Posting your own photo against the Prawer Plan

Supporting one of the actions in Brighton, Cardiff, Lambeth and central London

UNITE delegation demonstrate solidarity with Palestinian Bedouin
Unite delegation
Unite the Union delegates on a PSC delegation have demonstrated their solidarity with Sheikh Sayah of Al Arakib, who has been in Israeli custody after being arrested and accused of violating his terms of release from a previous arrest that forbade him from entering his own land. Unite and PSC were at the court case on Thursday morning. Al Arakib village, one of those targeted by the Prawer Plan, has been demolished over 60 times by the Israeli authorities.
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Why is BBC News ignoring the Prawer Plan?
The Prawer Plan, if implemented, will be the single biggest act of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians since the creation of Israel. Up to 70,000 Palestinian Bedouin will be forced from their land and warehoused into small, purpose-built areas, so that the Israeli state can take their ancestral land for settlements. Opposition to the Prawer Plan around the world is huge, and is gathering momentum, yet the BBC has ignored the story. This year, there has been a single online article on the BBC, and the reporting was from the Israeli perspective of ‘fulfilling its desert dream’. Television and radio news has been silent.
Unite delegation
Take action
Please write to the BBC to ask why the Prawer Plan and its consequences for the Palestinian Bedouin have not been covered on the BBC’s main news and current affairs programmes, in particular Today (Radio 4), and The Ten O’Clock News (BBC One).
Write via the website at www.bbc.co.uk/complaints
When asked to choose a programme from the drop-down menu, choose either Today or The Ten O’Clock News, and choose any recent date when asked to choose a date of transmission. You can explain that you’re writing about overall news coverage, and about more than just one day, when you get to the box where you fill in the complaint.
Thank you for your support for the Lobby!
Michelle Gildernew MP
PSC were joined by MPs from a wide range of political Parties at the evening rally
Around 300 people attended the National Lobby of Parliament and the Rally afterwards, and well over one third of all MPs were asked for a meeting in Parliament. Over a hundred MPs have so far been lobbied – or agreed to be lobbied – both in Parliament and in constituencies across the country. If you asked your MP for a meeting but they haven’t replied, contact them again now and ask to meet them. If you’ve met your MP but haven’t yet let us know how it went, then please use our feedback form.Visit our website to see our photos (thanks to Rev Stephen Sizer) and find out more.
News and events
Ho Ho Ho – it is Christmas time
Buy your Christmas cards and perfect Christmas gifts (including Keffiyahs and football scarves) from the PSC. View the merchandise list and call 020 7700 6192 to order.
Yousef Al-Helou speaking tour
In a speaking tour organised by PSC, senior Gaza journalist Yousef Al-Helou has been touring British universities to give a first-hand account of life under occupation and siege. His visit to the University of Greenwich is described here, by student Firas Wahhab.
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