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Guidelines on Israeli settlements published
Government guidelines on business involvement with Israeli settlements are a step forward, but much more needs to be done
New advisory business risk guidance warns of the “clear risks related to economic and financial activities in the settlements, and we do not encourage or offer support to such activity”. The advice also raises the “potential reputational implications” for businesses, and goes on to say that those “contemplating any economic or financial involvement in settlements should seek appropriate legal advice”. It also reminds businesses that the UK Government view settlements as “illegal under international law and “an obstacle to peace” This new advice is published following lobbying of Government on this issue by PSC alongside other organisations and Parliamentarians.
settlement road
The Government’s warning of reputational damage should be taken to heart by companies such as John Lewis, which has come under fire for stocking Sodastream; a company whose main factory is in an Israeli settlement. G4S and Veolia have already felt the impact of their corporate complicity in Israel’s illegal activity.
PSC urges the Government to improve their advice by firmly “discouraging” business with settlements, to proactively discourage individual companies from signing contracts, to clarify the rules on public sector procurement so that councillors can feel confident of taking human rights issues are taking into account without any risk of being sued, and to exclude all financial relationships with companies operating in illegal settlements.
Remember Gaza – break the siege
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Gaza under attack

Join the protest on Saturday 18th January from 12-2pm outside the Israeli Embassy,

outside Israeli Embassy

29 Kensington High Street

Help us to show solidarity with the people of Palestine by marking the end of the Israeli attack on Gaza 2008/09 and protesting against the ongoing siege on Gaza. We will never forget. Find out more>
Prawer Plan – end the silence!

Israel’s plan to ethnically cleanse up to 70,000 Palestinians may now be reconsidered following international and internal pressure for the plans to be scrapped. Pressure needs to be sustained, however, as the Israeli Bill to enact Prawer Plan – which would result in the demolition of at least 40 villages – could become law before the end of the year.

However, the Prawer Plan remains a silent crime for most people in the UK, as the BBC fails to report the events. Read this excellent Jonathan Cook article about what the Prawer Plan could mean.

On 28th November we encouraged you to write to the BBC to complain about its silence. To that point the BBC had only carried one article about the issue (accompanied by a Newsnight report) which focused on the Israeli perspective of ‘fulfilling its desert dream’, and not on the potential ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin.
Stop the Prawer Plan
Two days after we asked you to complain, the BBC published a very short online article about the Day of Rage (on 30th November), which failed to give any idea of the scale of the Prawer Plan, and didn’t mention that actions on the Day of Rage took place worldwide. There was also Kevin Connolly’s midnight World Service report the same day.
However, this huge news story continues to be ignored by the main BBC news programmes, such as the Ten O’Clock News on television, and the flagship Today programme on Radio 4. A World Service item at midnight about the Day of Rage, and a short online article also about the Day of Rage, are not sufficient, and neither give any real explanation of what the Prawer Plan will entail.
Furthermore, when a Palestinian Bedouin woman whose community faces destruction under the Prawer Plan was interviewed on Woman’s Hour (Radio 4) on 27th November, and then on Outlook (World Service), she was not questioned about it all, and the BBC failed to take the chance to expose Israel’s planned ethnic cleansing (read ‘BBC ignores ethnic cleansing in Bedoin interviews‘).
This is a pressing and urgent news story. Please write to the BBC and tell them to stop ignoring the Prawer Plan, which, if implemented, will constitute the largest single act of ethnic cleansing by the Israeli state since 1948, you can do so via the website at www.bbc.co.uk/complaints. Please ask for a reply.
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