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Hold your candidates to account during the European Elections, and help gather information which will help Palestine supporters decide how to vote.

Ask your MEP candidates their views on some crucial issues:

Please ask your MEP candidates to fill in our questionnaire>

Please remember that the further up the list they are the more likely they are to be elected (ie. no1 is most likely to be elected, 2 second most likely etc).

You may wish to read our EU briefing for the EU elections>

You can also use our model letter>

This gives links to all the  MEP candidates in your region. Not sure what region you are in? Check here>

South East


1. DODDS Annelise  Twitter Facebook Email Website

2. HOWARTH John Read responses> Twitter Facebook Website Email>

3. WESTLEY Emily Twitter Facebook Website

4. NAZEER Farah Twitter Facebook Website

5. SWINDLEHURST James Twitter Email Website Phone

6. HUGHES Maggie Twitter Email>

7. WATKINS  James Twitter

8. LANDLES Karen Twitter Email Website Phone

9. HASSELL Michael Twitter Facebook


1. Daniel Hannan Read responses> Twitter Email Website

2. Nirj Deva Read responses> Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

3. RIchard Ashworth Twitter Email Website Phone

4. Marta Andreasen Twitter Email Email2 Website Website2 Phone Phone2

5. Richard Robinson Twitter Facebook

6. Graham Knight Twitter Facebook Email Website Phone

7. Julie Marson Twitter Email Website Phone

8. George Jeffrey Email Website Phone

9. Rory Love Email Website

10. Adrian Pepper Twitter Website


1. Keith Taylor Twitter Email Email2 Email3 Website
Read Keith’s responses> 

2. Alexandra Phillips Email>

3. Derek Wall Response> Twitter Website Email>

4. Jason Kitcat Twitter Facebook Email Website Website2 Phone

5. Miriam Kennet Email Website

6. Beatrix Campbell Twitter Facebook Website

7. Beverley Golden Email Website

8. Jonathan Essex Read responses> Email Website Phone Phone2

9. Jonathan Kent Twitter

10. Stuart Jeffrey Twitter Facebook Email Email2 Website Phone

Lib Dem

1. Catherine Bearder Responses> Twitter Facebook Email Email2 Website Phone Phone2

2. Anthony Hook Twitter Facebook Email>

3. Dinti Batstone Twitter Facebook Email Website

4. Giles Goodall                Twitter Facebook Website

5. Ian Bearder  Twitter Facebook Email Website

6. Allis Moss

7. Steve Sollitt Twitter Website

8. Bruce Tennent Twitter Email Website Phone

9. John Vincent Email Website Phone

10. Alan Bullion Twitter Email Website Phone


1. Nigel Farage Twitter Facebook Email

2. Janice Atkinson Response Twitter Facebook Website Email

3. Diane James Twitter Email Phone

4. Ray Finch Twitter Facebook

5. Donna Edmunds Twitter Email Website Phone Phone2

6. Patricia Culligan Twitter

7. Nigel Jones

8. Alan Stevens Twitter Email Phone

9. Simon Strutt

10. Barry Cooper Twitter Facebook

We’ve focused on the major parties most likely to win seats in the election. For a full list visit this link>